Britney Spears stuns in pleated skirt as she recreates iconic 'Baby One More Time' outfit in rare selfie

Britney Spears stuns in pleated skirt as she recreates iconic 'Baby One More Time' outfit in rare selfie

Pop icon Britney Spears decided to channel her iconic 'Baby One More Time' schoolgirl look in her latest Instagram picture.

The 37-year-old posted a mirror selfie on Thursday sporting a very similar look to the one in the video. Spears said that she had returned from an unsuccessful 'shade shopping' trip.

In the picture, she was seen sporting a plaid, pleated skirt, and a white cropped blouse. She had finished off the outfit with a pair of black Birkenstock-like sandals and had her hair styled in a high ponytail.

She captioned the picture, "I went shade shopping today but found nothing !!!! Oh well 😔 ….. but I did find a nice bracelet !!!!!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀."

In the original 'Baby One More Time' music video which was released in 1998, Spears was seen wearing a very similar looking outfit with a pleated skirt and white top but had chosen to finish off the look with a pair of gray knee socks and a gray cardigan. In the video, she had styled her hair into two braids.

Britney Spears channeled her 1998 video outfit from 'Baby One More Time' in her latest Instagram post (Getty Images)


Spear's latest Insta picture comes on the same day that it was alleged that her fans were making vile and violent threats to her team following a lawsuit filed against a blogger.

Anthony Steven, a.k.a. Anthony Elia, who runs the website Absolute Britney, was the target of the lawsuit.

According to Page Six, the lawsuit had been filed as Elia's posts lead to many Spears' fans sending violent threats to the conservatorship team which included her father Jamie Spears. 

"They’re starting to make violent threats against these people. Some of these people believe everything they’re reading, and we do need people to realize that their words have consequences," a source shared.

The #FreeBritney movement had started in April when Spears had checked herself into a mental health facility and there were rumors that she was held there against her will.

"He has made it his mission to spread numerous falsehoods and malicious lies on the Internet about Britney, her conservatorship and her team, including that those around Britney are harming her or not acting in her best interest," the lawsuit said. 


"It’s clear that without any actual information about Britney, and what is or is not in her well being, he’s made it his agenda to ensure that Britney is no longer in a conservatorship," the lawsuit further added. 

Her recent Instagram post also follows her sharing her spoils from an earlier shopping trip in Turks and Caicos.

On Monday, Spears had finished up on a vacation with her mother Lynne and showed her souvenirs in an Instagram video.

"Today is my last day here in Turks and Caicos, and these are the beautiful purchases that I got to remember this beautiful, beautiful place."

She also showed pictures of her knick-knacks which included a wide pink band, two bracelets, a bottle of peach pink colored nail polish, and a white baseball cap which read 'Amanyara'  and was written in silver lettering.

"Coolest hats ever here .. so much fun," she had captioned the post. In a video which she had taken during her vacation, she said, "This is my kind of place." Lately, the pop star seems to be in good spirits after leaving an "all-encompassing wellness treatment" facility in April.


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