Britney Spears forgets where she is midway through performance

Britney Spears forgets where she is midway through her Brighton Pride show and turns to her back up dancers to ask the venue

                            Britney Spears forgets where she is midway through performance

It must be hard to be a pop star, what with touring incessantly across the world that after a time you forget where you actually are. As was the case with Britney Spears, who appeared to forget where she was while performing and had to ask a back up dancer where they were. The 36-year-old singer was on the front of celebrations at Brighton’s Preston Park after leaving the US to embark on her UK tour. But midway through her performance she turned to a dancer and asked: “Where are we?” They replied: “Brighton Pride,” and the 'Toxic' singer shouted to the crowds: “What’s up Brighton Pride!” Her moment was filmed and went viral on Twitter, but fans didn’t seem to mind, and instead rushed to defend the Pop Princess.

One wrote on Twitter: “OMG I love her.”

Another said: “Had an amazing day at Brighton Pride yesterday and Britney was good. The extremely poor train service at the end left a sour note over the day.”

Another user pointed out: “It’s hard for Americans… they think the whole island is London.”

Britney did meet with backlash as one person claimed she forgot the words to one of her hits too: “The moment Britney Spears stepped on stage at Brighton Pride … Forgot the opening line to her song.”

After the show, the mom-of-two thanked her fans for turning up, and made sure she remembered where she was. She wrote alongside a string of rainbow emojis: “Brighton Pride…. all 57,000 of you are perfectly beautiful. Heard it was a record-breaking turnout!!! Thank you for a fabulous show… my fabulous fans. I love you all.”

Britney donned a sparkly bra and suspenders and entertained a 50,000-strong crowd dressed in rainbow colors to celebrate the occasion. Fans were delighted she turned up to perform, after rumors circulated that she was planning to pull out of her much-anticipated performance at the last minute. Ahead of her performance, the star visited Buckingham Palace where she interacted with other tourists as she took her sons on a tour around the capital. The star strolled around the palace gates with Sean and Jaden.

Her show at Pride marks the start of her UK and Europe tour – the first time in six years that the mom-of-two is going on the road with her music.

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