"I'm more confident in music now than when I first started": British DJ Harrison is back with new track 'In My Bloodstream'

Harrison launched his own label called 'Outlaw Records' in March this year and debuted it with an amazing song 'Blinding My Vision'

                            "I'm more confident in music now than when I first started": British DJ Harrison is back with new track 'In My Bloodstream'

Talented British vocalist and DJ Harrison has returned with a new track 'In My Bloodstream'. The song and video have garnered love and attention from fans and is getting popular by the day. 

Harrison launched his own label called Outlaw Records in March this year and debuted it with an amazing song 'Blinding My Vision', which was applauded by many.

Harrison has been featured with top-tier names in the industry including Hardwell with whom he performed the song 'Earthquake' at Ultra music festival.

Harrison in an exclusive interview with MEAWW said that launching his own record label was his dream and it is the best thing he has done in his whole career. Find out more about this budding artist in the interview below:

You just released your new single 'In My Bloodstream' and the reviews have been incredible. How and what is your reaction to the response you've been getting from your fans and critics?

I think ‘In My Bloodstream’ was the sound that I’ve been waiting for, I love big room and I enjoyed my time making sounds like this. However, this is the end of 2018 so I feel like it was time for a fresher Harrison Sound, the love I’ve been getting has been amazing and I feel like I’m staying true to myself with the work we’re doing with my label Outlaw.

Please tell us about your inspiration to pen the lyrics and the idea of falsetto chorus contrasting with the slow pop opening of the track.

I can't see anybody doing this kind of thing in the scene I’m in at the moment, I like to experiment in the studio a lot lately. I started with the chorus melody and built the track around this, the song was written for somebody very special to me.


We would also like to know about the interesting video concept.  Laura Škvorc has done a good job portraying the entire feel and vibe of the song. Tell us about the concept behind the video which viewers might have missed.

I shot Laura with my talented video team led by Toni Konrad, all of the Outlaw videos have been good this year. I'm very proud of everybody that has been part of our visuals and portraying that aesthetic. I always want to make the best visuals to go with the music and next year, I will be doing a lot more thoughtful videos, videos that make you think and for this one, Laura was great at delivering the song visually.

You have recently launched your own record label 'Outlaw Records' in March this year. Was this a dream of yours? Why is it called Outlaw?

Yeah, it is best thing I've made this year and maybe my whole career, I wanted to take my destiny into my own hands as I’ve worked with major labels before, so I created Outlaw to release my music to the world with total control of everything. From the artwork, to the tracks, to how I want to come across; I get to collaborate with who I want when I want. The reason why it's called Outlaw was because even with everyone telling me they don't think this will work, I have dreams and I did it anyway

You debuted 'Outlaw Records' with 'Blinding My vision' another amazing song and beautiful visual journey. Any reason you chose this song for your record debut?

It just felt really powerful and the lyrics explain feelings that I get running through me before I go on stage. In the beginning of my career, I was really anxious and nervous, and still am on bigger stages, but I'm more confident in music now than when I first started.

You have been featured with top-tier names in the industry including ULTRA- premiered 'Earthquake' with Hardwell. How did you start your journey as a songwriter and a DJ? 

That's a really long story the first time anybody heard my songs was actually at Ultra in 2013 when I made ‘Ain’t A Party Without Me’, ‘Earthquake’ was something that Hardwell texted me and asked me to do with him. It's got a lot of views, streams and to be honest, it’s a crazy festival anthem! We know each other quite well from the song I wrote called ‘Sally’ which went to number one in the Netherlands and became a gold record from our first collab.


Will you be collaborating with any specific artist in near future? Could you name any artists you would like to work with?

I’m speaking to many exciting teams and artists right now, keep an eye on my social media for more info soon!

Will you be releasing an album anytime soon? We are looking forward to it!

I don't think albums have the same effect that they used to but my dream was actually to make one my whole career. I must have 500 songs so enough for 20 albums, haha! However, until I get to the right stage with the deal that I want then it will be on hold.

You have your own record label and you're making good music. What's next from here? Any project you're working on at the moment that you'd like to share with us?

I’m working on a track with Thomas Newson for Outlaw :)