British Airways crew who drunkenly ran through hotel naked while banging on guests' doors face the sack

British Airways crew who drunkenly ran through hotel naked while banging on guests' doors face the sack

Three British Airways cabin crew have been suspended after they were accused of stripping and running naked through a hotel while banging on the doors of other guests after becoming drunk and playing a game of 'spin the bottle' in their room.

The incident unfolded at a hotel in Singapore after three off-duty flight attendants — two men and a woman — smuggled alcohol from their plane to "have a good time" following a 14-hour flight to the country from Heathrow airport, according to the Sun.

"Drinking is far too expensive in Singapore for the young fleet, so provisions are taken for everyone to have a good time after," said an insider. 

The trio then got drunk inside their hotel room, after which they started playing 'spin the bottle' — a drinking game where the participants are presented with ludicrous and increasingly daring challenges in an attempt to get them as intoxicated as possible. 


"There was some frisky crew on this plane," the insider told the Sun. "There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew, who were all naked."

As the game went on, the three were dared to strip down and run through the corridors while banging on the other doors. "In their state, they didn’t think this was a bad idea," said the insider. 

But their fun did not last very long. A British Airways official who was described as being "disgusted" over the antics reported the staff involved in the incident to officers in London.

Sources also said that officials at the hotel where they were staying were "fed up" with the behavior of the crew after a staff member was allegedly thrown into the pool. There were also accusations of sexual assault against some. 

The airline said they "do not tolerate unruly behavior" by staff and are examining the claims against the crew. The trio is reportedly now under investigation and are all facing the sack. 


"We expect the highest standards of behavior from our teams around the world at all times and we're investigating what happened," said a spokesman. "We do not tolerate unruly behavior by colleagues and will always fully investigate claims and take whatever action is required."

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 British Airways cabin crew suspended getting drunk running through hotel naked banging guests doors