'Bringing Up Bates': With two weeks until due date, will Tori's pregnancy plans be affected by Covid-19?

Tori Bates and Bobby Smith were excitedly hoping to welcome their bundle of joy but the spread of coronavirus seems to have interfered with their pregnancy plans

                            'Bringing Up Bates': With two weeks until due date, will Tori's pregnancy plans be affected by Covid-19?
Tori (UP)

Tori Bates and Bobby Smith have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of their second child, but things got tough for them when the pair got to know about the spread of coronavirus pandemic. With only two weeks until the due date, Tori wanted to make sure that she had everything in place when the baby arrived. 

To make sure she had the perfect room ready, Tori decided to seek help from Erin Bates and Chad Paine. Erin has always been creative when it came to decorating rooms, so it was no surprise that she came to help Tori. Four of them together made sure that everything in the room was in place to welcome the baby. Once the setting of the room was complete, it was time for Tori to go for her routine doctor checkup. With Covid-19 being declared as a pandemic and paving way for strict restrictions, Tori was being extra careful to ensure everything goes right. Luckily for her, she had Erin by her side through it all. 

Tori admitted that having Erin along with her proved to be a blessing because she always gave away a positive vibe and this time, it helped Tori keep calm. Tori admitted that she was a bit nervous about how the virus would affect her pregnancy plans. One of her biggest fear was if Bobby would be able to accompany her to the hospital. 

She decided to wait until the doctor came back with the reports. Fortunately, the doctor informed Tori that the baby was healthy and there was nothing to worry about. He further revealed that her cervix was 2 cm dilated and it was important for her to give a call to the hospital in case she felt like her water broke or she felt confused. 

Tori was further informed that only one person would be allowed to enter the room with her due to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions. The doctor strictly informed Tori that the management would not be allowing anyone else in the room to ensure the safety of everyone. Tori was quick to nod to this request and admitted that she felt at ease knowing that the baby was fine. 

With only two weeks remaining for the baby's arrival, we sure cannot wait to see how smoothly Tori's delivery goes.

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