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'Bringing Up Bates': Will Kelton and Bobby's business suffer a loss after Covid-19 forces businesses to shut?

The pair had just started their business that focused on emergency plumbing and drains services
Bobby and Kelton (UP)
Bobby and Kelton (UP)

Covid-19 took everyone by surprise and forced people to quarantine in their homes. While people struggled to get used to this new normal, another thing that the pandemic affected was businesses across the world. In the latest episode (August 19), the Bates family showed a glimpse of how they have been keeping up with the change.

While the family has been trying to stay positive through this period, Bobby Smith and Kelton Balka's patience was tested when they found out that businesses had to shut down due to Covid-19. The pair had just started their business that focused on emergency plumbing and drains services. Bobby and Kelton feared that their business would also be listed among those that needed to be shut down. One thing that worried them the most was the loss that they would incur. Fearing that the business was relatively new, Bobby and Smith knew that shutting it down for a couple of weeks or months would affect them financially. 

However, keeping in mind that their business revolved around essential works, Bobby and Kelton had a ray of hope that it would all work out. To be sure about things, Kelton decided to call the local office and find out if they would be allowed to work. After answering a couple of questions, Kelton was informed that their business does come under essential businesses and was given the green light to continue work without any restrictions. That being said, the pair knew that it was important for them to take all the necessary actions to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. 

Kelton and Bobby had started their business with the dream of making it big on their own. The first time Kelton mentioned about the company, he was vocal about wanting to make it big on his own and entering the industry. He always had an eye on the ball and was able to achieve his dreams with the help of Bobby. 

Kelton admitted that even though the business required Bobby and him to take in more work than they had hoped of, things have been looking good for them. Keeping their eyes on the prize, these two sure have been working hard. 

'Bringing Up Bates' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on UP.