'Bringing Up Bates': Travis sweeps Katie off her feet with song and gifts as he asks her to be his girlfriend

Travis finally gathered the courage to ask Katie to be his girlfriend in a surprise proposal

                            'Bringing Up Bates': Travis sweeps Katie off her feet with song and gifts as he asks her to be his girlfriend
Katie and Travis (UP)

Katie Bates and Travis Clark are official! The latest episode (August 13) of the show saw the pair agreeing to courtship and the show highlighted how the entire event played out. Travis and Katie had been seeing each other for a couple of months, but the two had been unable to take things forward.

After months of getting hints from Katie, Travis finally decided to get serious and ask her to be his girlfriend. To make this day extra special, he chose his birthday weekend to pop the big question. Travis also invited Katie and her parents, Gil and Kelly Jo Bates. Before planning the surprise, like a true gentleman, Travis asked Katie's parents if they would be fine with him asking her to be his girlfriend. 

Gil and Kelly were quick to give their approval to the couple and that was a sign for Travis to start planning a surprise proposal. Luckily for him, Katie did not expect a proposal coming as she thought the Clark family wanted to get to know her family better and had invited them for his birthday. Travis used this to his advantage and planned the day to fit his birthday celebration. The family started their day by visiting an ice cream place. As the day progressed, the Clarks had some fun activities planned. Travis decided to take both the families to an axe-throwing place. 

He thought it would be a fun activity for everyone to interact. As the game began, they divided themselves into teams Travis and Katie scored 14 points. Travis's parents, Mike and Carla scored 33 points and Gil and Kelly scored 20 points. Once they were done with the activities, the Clarks decided to take everyone out for a nice dinner. 

Travis had set a special table for Katie and him. Focusing on the idea of her being "sensational", Travis decided to gift Katie an item that represented each sense. For smell, he gifted her a perfume, for taste, Katie got a pizza, for sight, Travis made a collage of all their pictures, and among the other gifts, one gift that swept Katie off her feet was a necklace.

At the same time, Katie fell in love with the song that Travis had written for her. He brought out his guitar and decided to play the song for her. The lyrics of the song described everything that Travis felt for her and while doing so, he also promised to always love and care for her. The day ended with the pair celebrating the joyous occasion.

'Bringing Up Bates' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on UP. 

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