Brienne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister's friendship in 'Game of Thrones' season 8 is one for the books

Brienne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister's friendship in 'Game of Thrones' season 8 is one for the books

This article contains spoilers for Season 8 episode 2

She walked through death to keep her word and is literally that one character on 'Game of Thrones' who knows right from wrong and now, finally, after eight seasons of the show, Lady Brienne of Tarth got the Knighthood that she so truly deserved. Although it definitely feels like the calm before the storm following which many of our favorite characters are probably going to die, but it was really worth seeing Brienne being appreciated for all that she's done and the person she's been. And who better to knight her than her occasional flame/ forever friend Ser Jamie Lannister?



Jamie and Brienne's friendship blossomed in strange ways and that friendship was what really opened up her character on the show. Before that, she was loyal and brave and a badass fighter but her arc with Jamie really brought out the more vulnerable side of Brie Brie - and who doesn't love a great mosh pit of feelings when it comes to characters like her? She was Jamie's ticket to redemption, the woman who showed him that honor was greater than blood and that every dark cloud has a silver lining. 

Their friendship, as classic as it can get, started off with an unlikely moment. Brienne, the giant fighter that she is, was held down to be raped when these two were captured. Ser Jamie, the guy who had never lifted a finger to help anyone but himself and Cersei steps up to protect her honor and loses his hand in the process. And just like that, Jamie goes from Kingslayer to a character with potential for redemption. It was an unlikely arc too, considering Brienne literally looked much stronger than Jamie and definitely not the type who would need his help. But the stars collided and the two ended up being the fierce friends that they are. 

In this episode, Brienne and Jamie's friendship shines through once again. When he arrives at Winterfell, no one is interested to let him stay, obviously. But she stands up for him, pledges that she trusted him and that he was a man of honor and she would fight next to him. Brienne's word is pretty heavy in Winterfell as we know and that changes the game for Jamie from about to be murdered to additional soldier.


In the same episode, Jamie knights her even though women aren't meant to be and Brienne saves him even though the whole world seems against the plan. Tormund, Tyrion, Podrick and Jamie sit around the fire drinking some mediocre wine and contemplating death and what is to come when Brienne steps in and sits. As they talk, Podrick lets out that it was Brienne's greatest wish to be granted Knighthood. Tormund lets his opinions known, with no one asking him no surprises there, and declares that he would knight her 10 times if he were king. At this point, it occurs to Jamie that he can totally knight her and as the world edges to the brink of extinction and the dead march closer and closer, in a tiny moment of flickering life, Jamie puts his sword on her shoulder and tells her that she is now a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. 

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 Brienne of Tarth and Jamie Lannister friendship in Game of Thrones season 8