'Tony Stark didn’t die for this': Brie Larson slammed for promoting NFTs

'Tony Stark didn’t die for this': Brie Larson slammed for promoting NFTs
Brie Larson and the Flower Girls NFT (Photos by Amy Sussman/Getty Images/Twitter@brielarson)

NFTs short for Non-Fungible Tokens have become a rage amongst the celebrities as many have shelled out millions to get their hands on the same. The latest public figure to join the fad is ‘Captain Marvel’ star Brie Larson who bought the ‘Flower Girls NFT’ and showed it off on her official Twitter account. She even changed the profile picture to the artwork she bought.
However, the Marvel actress soon got brutally roasted on the micro-blogging site as many claimed that NFTs were bad for the environment. A few expressed shock over Brie Larson investing in NFTs. Justin Bieber recently made headlines when he shelled out a whopping $1.29 million for the ‘Bored Ape’ NFT. Actors namely Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon among a few others too got severely trolled for spending money on NFTs.
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Brie Larson gets brutally roasted for promoting NFTs

Brie Larson took to her official Twitter account to share the NFT artwork she bought. She captioned the post as, “#NewProfilePic - got a @FlowerGirlsNFT by @VarvaraAlay” adding an emoticon of blue heart in the end. The NFT was sold by an artist named Varvara Alay. According to the website NFT Stats, ‘The Flower Girls’ artwork price starts close to $5K and goes up to $60K. The amount varies if the bidding goes higher.

Flower Girls claims that 20% of its primary and secondary profits are donated to a variety of children’s charities. This might have been one of the factors as to why Brie Larson decided to invest in the artwork but her fans were quick to call her out for her latest stunt. On the work front, the actress will mark her return as Carol Danvers in the sequel to the 2019 hit, Captain Marvel simply titled ‘Captain Marvel 2’. The superhero is expected to hit the theatres in November 2022.





‘NFTs are horrendous for the environment’

Dragging Brie Larson on Twitter, one said, “Brie, baby, noooooo… NFTs are bad for the environment and it makes it easier to steal art from artists… I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” Another joked, “Tony Stark didn’t die for this.” One user claimed, “NFTs are horrendous for the environment and that ALONE is awful, but it’s so much worse than that and way more insidious than people think. It’s not too late to learn.” Whereas, the next one added, “Omg, not you too. I don't know how many celebs need to hear this but - *takes deep breath* - NFTs & crypto are horrendously bad for the environment, worse than the entire carbon footprint of some countries, so bad it's tearing Kazakhstan apart in civil war.”
Meanwhile, one individual tweeted, “Anyone who buys an NFT is just asking for your money to be taken from you IMO. Especially if you get one from @brielarson. Brie Larson is a hateful bigot who doesn't deserve your money.” Another chimed in, “I can't believe i defended brie larson for years since cap marvel came out just for her to get an nft pfp. girl i was fighting BATTLES. i should've been paid. come on.” And, one concluded, “It’s been a close competition, but congratulations to Brie Larson for the ugliest NFT!”

















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