'Bridezillas': Amber finds hole in black wedding dress, future sister-in-law asks her to break up with Stephen

Chenise left the bachelorette party along with two of the bridesmaids after Amber told them that they haven’t been too perfect

                            'Bridezillas': Amber finds hole in black wedding dress, future sister-in-law asks her to break up with Stephen

WeTV’s ‘Bridezilla’ is back with a new episode and the couple looking forward to getting married are Amber and Stephen. The duo met when they were in the eight grade, the high school sweethearts took their romance to college but then broke up. They got back together again after college and managed to survive the hurdles of life. Hopefully, they would survive Amber’s intense wedding planning too.

Amber described Stephen as a “procrastinator”, Stephen thought he was “calm and cool”. He described his fiancée as a “fireball”, Amber said she was “not basic”. In the introductory round, it is also established that Stephen’s sister, Chenise, does not like Amber. We knew that would spark up some drama later and it did. Amber, a wedding planner, runs her business along with her partner, Florence. They were going to plan her wedding as well.

Stephen was supposed to take care of the art that was going to be used at the wedding, and Amber was not so sure if he was going to finish it in time. As she keeps telling him, “If you had finished it two months ago like I asked you to, we wouldn’t have had this problem.” When Amber met Stephen at the art store, he told her his laptop had crashed and all the pictures and art that were supposed to be used at the wedding were gone. A furious Amber met Florence only to find out she has hired an assistant to help her out with Amber’s long list of demands. For some reason Amber thought it was a bad idea to have more helping hands and humiliated Stacey, the assistant, by calling her Tracey and telling her she had never heard of her. Florence managed to calm her down and bring her to the agreement that it was after all a good idea given the fact that Amber was expecting everything to go perfectly.

For the house party, Amber's bridesmaids, Mercedes and Brea, and maid of honour, Lavisha, turned up late. The next day they all go for the wedding dress shopping, and Amber’s bridesmaids disappointed her again after turning up late. Amber found out there was a hole in her black-themed wedding dress. The bigger problem according to the bridesmaids was her heavy chest that her dress couldn’t hold causing spillage.

Chenise, who had been absent during the entire preparation of the wedding, decided it was a good idea to show up at Amber’s bachelorette party. Amber told her she was not invited there and Chenise told her she and her brother should have separated. She left the party and two of Amber’s bridesmaids left with her after Amber told them they haven’t been too perfect either. The drama continues on the next episode of 'Bridezilla' with hilarious voiceover by host Loni Love.

'Bridezillas' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on WeTV.

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