'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love' star Kareem grew up in foster care because 'his mom chose men over him'

'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love' star Kareem grew up in foster care because 'his mom chose men over him'
Kareem Allen, Tia (Lifetime)

'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love' stars Kareem Allen and Kiandria 'KeeKee' Demone's relationship is like any other relationship. It's laced with problems - some minor ones and some really complicated ones. 

However, lately, it has been tough on both of them, especially Kareem with having to convince both Tia (his mother) and Marveline (could-be mother-in-law). Marveline has been dismissive of their relationship and now Tia too. Even though their reasons are completely different, it will still take a toll on their future as a couple.

Upon learning of Kareem and KeeKee's engagement, Tia expressed her concerns. She had become worried that it was too young for Kareem to be a husband. Even though she tried to give her example and how it wasn't a great marriage for her, Kareem seemed focussed on his commitment. 

Meanwhile, a source close to KeeKee confirmed to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) that Tia never raised Kareem. He was put in foster care and most of his growing up years were spent living with his relatives. "He told us that she always chose a man over him and his siblings. Now she is coming back while he is an adult and trying to give him family and relationship advice?" the source further questioned and added: "Did you hear in the episode where she says “Have you ran through enough girls?” What kind of mother asks something like that? She is the mother-in-law from HELL."

In one of the earlier episodes, Tia asked if Kareem was sure he had lived his life and dated all the women he needed to have dated. He was surprised. "For one, I dibbed and dabbed in it, and it wasn't for me," Kareem had said. Sure, his answer came like a shock to her but she continued her efforts to convince him not to take the big leap. Tia told him that she wanted him to be "seasoned" and let some time pass by before he can make a concrete decision. 

Meanwhile, fans supported Kareem on this one and said Tia shouldn't discourage Kareem just because her's didn't work out.

"Lol The mother sit up for this one. When Kareem said he wana married Keekee. Mother don’t discourage him because yours didn’t work out. #BrideandPrejudice just pray for them," a fan shared, while another wrote: "Kareem is more mature than her mother to me she’s the child #BrideandPrejudice."

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