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'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love': Marveline forces Kareem to take polygraph test, and fans aren't happy

Kareem was taken aback and said that he thought a polygraph test was something criminals are subjected to take
Kareem Allen, Marveline (Lifetime)
Kareem Allen, Marveline (Lifetime)

Kareem Allen and Kiandra 'Keekee' Demone of 'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love' have been together for over three years and are in love with each other, engaged to be married. But before they can walk down the aisle they'd have to get Kiandria's mother, Marveline's approval.

She has her doubts about Kareem and they are only getting stronger by the day. Marveline believes Kareem is a child and must take anger management classes. "Have you ever put your hands on either one of them physically," she asks Kareem to which he said that it takes a lot to get him mad. 

Even though Marveline was briefly convinced by his answer, she later changed her mind. During her green-room interview, she said: "I could slap him sometimes. I think he needs to get anger management."

It's okay for a mother to be worried about her child, but Marveline could be reading too much into Kareem. He may not be the person he is charting him out to be. Her constant questions have had him bothered and frustrated. "I feel like this is going very badly," Kareem admitted in his confessional and added, "I don't know what it's going to take for her to see the real me."

To make matters worse, Marveline arranged for a polygraph (lie detector) test for Kareem to take. Sure, he was taken aback and thought it was something criminals are subjected to. However, the official taking his test assured him that he could deny it citing reasons of his own and that it's absolutely voluntary. 

Meanwhile, this has left fans enraged. They think Kareem is not as bad as Marveline thinks him to be. 

"Keekee mother is so hard-hearted against Kareem. All she sees is negative about him. Not saying he’s always right but she’s always hard towards him. Smh," a fan shared, while another wrote: "Kee Kee's mom should give Kareem a chance and see what type of person he is for herself #BrideandPrejudice."

"Keekee mother gone way too far. Is Kareem that bad? Smh #BrideandPrejudice mommy gona hate u more now. The heat is on," another tweeted. 

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