'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love': Chris says he'd teach Blair and his future kids North Korean values

In an effort to know Chris better, Kelly asked some tough and uncomfortable questions to him, which he didn't take very kindly

                            'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love': Chris says he'd teach Blair and his future kids North Korean values
Chris Williams, Blair Bathory (Lifetime)

Blair Bathory and Chris Williams of 'Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love' are in love and are willing to go that extra mile to get her mother, Kelly Richardson's approval. But, nothing seems to be going there way because she won't change her mind, at least not so soon. 

Kelly requested Chris if they could meet over a cup of coffee and discuss the situation. Anyone would have taken it as a positive indication. The gesture showed interest, which probably drove Chris to say yes to the meeting. Little did he know there was a full-blown interrogation session waiting for him at the cafe. 

Kelly asked a string of questions and not very comfortable ones. One could see Chris was getting anxious having to answer such personal queries thrown at him and that too unannounced. He was put off, to say the least. But he handles the situation well and was respectful towards her. Even when he didn't feel obligated to answer Kelly's questions, he politely put across the fact that it was making him uneasy. 

Kelly, in her green-room interview, shared that the intention behind grilling Chris was to understand his background and how it is going to sort of blend into his relationship with Chris. "Hopefully I'm gonna get some answers to some questions that I've been wanting to find out... I think Blair and Chris are still at the surface level of relationship, yet I'm not sure how much they really know about each other," she expressed. 

She asked if he would sell his bike if they were to have kids to which Chris said: "I don't have plans to sell it now. If we had kids if I didn't sell it, I would definitely ride it a lot, a lot less." On the surface, it seemed like a fun game that would help Kelly explore Chris and how he is as a person, but he felt interrogated. And that's not a great feeling to have, especially when it comes from your potential mother-in-law. 

Chris was already on the edge when Kelly asked if he would teach his future kids North Korean values. Chris is part Asian but his parents left North Korea when it was just Korea. And therefore, it will not affect his kids in any way. "Would I teach them about it? I mean, if they asked, I would," he said and that was probably 'the moment' for Kelly who must have taken a call on whether or not she would bless the couple. 

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