‘Briarpatch’ Episode 1 has fans ditching other 'corny ass' shows for its chic aesthetic and stunning hotel shots

‘Briarpatch’ Episode 1 has fans ditching other 'corny ass' shows for its chic aesthetic and stunning hotel shots
Allegra Dill (USA Network)

Who could have shown a tiger walk through the hotel corridor while a Spaghetti Western sort of music played in the background, better than Andy Greenwald himself?

Thanks to its many intrigues, USA network’s mystery series ‘Briarpatch’ based on Ross Thomas’s novel of the same name has offered the television lovers a new show to look forward to every week.

Titled ‘First Time in Saint Disgrace’, Episode 1, ‘Briarpatch’ was a total value for our time as we couldn’t get ourselves to budge an inch watching the creators serve an amazing work of art.

Only one episode in and the Rosario Dawson starrer has created quite the buzz on social media. While some are seen raving about its interesting cast of characters, the rest are awe-struck with the highly enthralling visuals.

One fan wrote, “Loved #Briarpatch. What a collection of characters and we still haven't met Kim Dickens, Alan Cummings or Ed Asner's character's yet. Warning for Burnts, you'll hate it. But, it's so good.”

“You know the show is good when I'm googling French to find out what Singe said to Pick to save her life. Because that second car bomb almost knocked me off my seat. I think Singe said "Now" in French to get Pick not to enter the Police Chief's car. @Briarpatch_USA #Briarpatch,” another added.


Meanwhile, a few are thoroughly impressed with Rosario’s high-waist wide bottom pants, which were hard to ignore. “I really like the aesthetic of this show. The hotel shots looked very Tarantino. We got giraffes, a gator in the park, and a tiger in the hotel. Also, seeing Rosario in pantsuits is a gift. This is the First Lady look that, sadly, we won't be getting. #Briarpatch,” said a fan.

It also seems like ‘Briarpatch’ is going to give a tough competition to the other television network series as one of Twitter users wrote, “I missed something.I’m officially quitting that corny ass show for #Briarpatch”

'Briarpatch' airs on Thursdays on USA Network.


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