Brian May flaunts his new pair of Vegan shoes, says "my conscience felt so much better"

Brian May flaunts his new pair of Vegan shoes, says "my conscience felt so much better"
Brian May of Queen (Source : Getty Images)

Known for being an active and staunch animal rights activist, Queen legend Brian May proudly showcased his new pair of vegan shoes made by Yatay by posting a picture of them on Instagram on Thursday.

Delighted by the shoes, the guitarist added that he was getting fed up of trying to explain why an animal campaigner would be wearing skins of animals on his feet.

Acording to the DailyStar, May said that he had worn Nike or Adidas trainers on stage for 34 years since the band’s triumphant 1985 Live Aid performance. But now he plans to ditch them for his new pair of eco-friendly Yatay’s which he trialed at the Oscars in February and said that his "conscience felt so much better" for it.

"Remember ! You don’t have to be a Vegan to eat vegan food. Or buy vegan stuff," May urged. "Every time you invest in vegan merchandise you invest in the health of the planet and the animals that live on it, including ourselves. And you don’t have to make any more excuses."

On the professional front, May will hit the road again with original band member Roger Taylor and singer Adam Lambert, who has replaced late vocalist Freddie Mercury.

Speaking about their forthcoming tour in Australia when it was announced earlier this month, the lead guitarist told fans to expect something 'ambitious'. "This is a great opportunity," he said. "Our last tour featured our most ambitious production ever and got us our best notices ever. So we decided to rip it apart and get even more ambitious. Watch out Australia!"

Queen's first collaboration with Adam was during the 2009 finale of 'American Idol'. "We have a brand new visual spectacle that will re-frame these iconic songs and we are excited to reveal the show to Australian fans," said Lambert about the tour. Ever since the duo came together, they have performed 180 concerts under the official name Queen + Adam Lambert.


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