Brian Laundrie is hiding in Joe Biden's arm hair, say trolls as POTUS takes Covid jab

Joe Biden received a third dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as a booster shot on live TV but is being trolled for his arm hair

                            Brian Laundrie is hiding in Joe Biden's arm hair, say trolls as POTUS takes Covid jab
President Joe Biden takes Covid-19 vaccine booster shot (Twitter/ @JoeBiden)

President Joe Biden received a third dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine at the White House as a “booster” shot on Monday, September 27. However, instead of focusing on how and when they will be able to get the third dose, people on social media turned their attention to the amount of hair on the POTUS' arm.  

Biden donned a black surgical mask, rolled his shirt sleeve to his shoulder, and received the jab. To promote the vaccination drive, the entire thing was broadcast live. A video of the same was posted on Joe Biden's official Twitter page. However, the video did not exactly have the kind of impact that the president wanted. Instead of being informative, the video turned out to be farcical, with people mocking how hairy Biden's arm was. One of those people was comedian Jimmy Kimmel who retweeted the video with the caption, "Did any of you have any idea how hairy Joe Biden was?"



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'Joe Biden’s arm looks like a wool blanket'

Soon others joined in. "Joe Biden’s arm looks like a wool blanket," one of them said, while another wrote, "#BrianLaundrie may be hiding in President Joe Biden’s left arm hair." A third commented, "Couldn’t Joe Biden shav his hairy upper arm for the COVID shot? Pity the health care worker who had to take part in this photo op. Ewwwee … gross." The next remarked, "Ewwww Zoom in on Biden’s arm." One more added, "Fake biden, fake set, fake shot. huge hairy arm for a 'frail elderly man'. she's giving him the 'shot' up too high near the bony area. just jabs it in, he doesn't flinch. fake." Another stated, "Notice the hair on biden arm. Such a pervert." A commenter tweeted, "Ew! I can’t unsee that! Is that really crusty Joe’s arm? F Joe Biden."

One more, "Joe Biden getting his third vaccine shot in his overly hairy arm whilst wearing a mask and telling other Americans to follow his example is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in years." Another noted, "Hold on here did 'Biden' always have arm hair like that? Did the kids at the pool rub his arm hair too?" A person reacted with, "Oh my gosh !!! Is this photo for real of Biden’s arm??? Who knew …. Maybe a side effect to the vaccine is hair growth." The next said, "Can someone please cue up the #Biden Chia Arm?" Another commented, "How brave of Biden to show his arm in public." One more said, "That arm hair is probably a side effect of what they give Biden to make him lucid for the camera."















There were also anti-vaxxers who were skeptical about Biden getting the third shot itself. One more said, "People you think Biden really put booster. He ain't going to risk getting a reaction from booster bc booster won't be favorable. Look at top arm it seems like it's blurry and vax too high up on shoulder where bend arm. Believe fake vax." Another noted, "Just like the lady allowed a needle with an empty syringe in her arm Joe Biden just got a little air injected into his arm. I don't believe for one minute that Biden has ever gotten the vaccine that is was very opposed to while President Trump was in office." 

The next stated, "A small detail, that happened very fast: did anyone else notice how we were NOT able to see the needle ACTUALLY PENETRATE Biden's arm? the hand of the woman supposedly administering it, was in the way. On a different note, Mr. Shapiro, why would you expect 'sanity' from them?" A commenter tweeted, "Did Biden really get the booster shot in his arm or was it 'Fake'...Ummm." One more said, "Guess that's why she gave him a fake booster shot in higher upper arm. You think Biden would get booster to risk his health and ruin his plans for himself. Fake shot. He ain't stupid to get a real booster."






Why was Biden eligible for a 'booster' shot?

The president received the jab to help eliminate confusion about who is eligible for booster shots. “Let me be clear, boosters are important,” Biden told reporters. “The most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated… We need to get folks vaccinated. Please, please do the right thing. Please get the shot. It can save your life and the lives of those around you.”

Biden reminded reporters he was eligible to receive a third dose because he is 78 and implied that the eligibility may expand in the future as he got his third shot. “Last week they laid out who is eligible for those boosters for now,” he said. “Over 77% of adults have gotten at least one shot. About 22% haven’t gotten any shots, and that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of damage for the rest of the county. I’m a born optimist. I think things are going to go well, and we’re going to get it done.”

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