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Did Brian Laundrie escape in kayak? ONLY 1 of 2 watercraft spotted in family backyard

Joseph Morris tweeted, 'Dog says he had information #BrianLaundrie used a 'kayak' at Fort De Soto. I wonder if the Laundries had TWO kayaks before?'
Brian Laundrie family bought 2 kayaks but only one appeared to be seen in his Florida home backyard (Instagram/ @gabspetito, Twitter/ @JosephMorrisYT)
Brian Laundrie family bought 2 kayaks but only one appeared to be seen in his Florida home backyard (Instagram/ @gabspetito, Twitter/ @JosephMorrisYT)

As deceased vlogger Gabby Petito's boyfriend Brian Laundrie remains AWOL, more and more theories regarding his disappearance are popping up on social media. The latest one revolves around the number of kayaks owned by his family as opposed to what appeared to be a solo watercraft noticed in his backyard via drone footage. 

Laundrie has reportedly not been seen since September 14 and was confirmed 'missing' on September 17. This led police to search the nearby Carlton Reserve for Laundrie, but with zero luck so far. Laundrie, who allegedly hit and slapped his girlfriend last month according to a 911 call, returned home to Florida on September 1 without her after a cross-country road trip. Since then, Petito's body has been discovered in a Wyoming park by the authorities. Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue confirmed the vlogger's death was a homicide but the immediate cause of death is still unclear as police are still waiting for the final autopsy results. Dog the Bounty Hunter has also joined the search for Laundrie and shared information and tips that he has found so far. 


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Dog says he had information #BrianLaundrie used a 'kayak'

YouTuber Joseph Morris tweeted: "Dog says he had information #BrianLaundrie used a 'kayak' at Fort De Soto. I wonder if the Laundries had TWO kayaks before? (From recent drone footage) @BabyLyssaC" around with a drone picture of the Laundrie family's backyard where only one kayak was seen. Since then Twitter user Nerdy Addict has dug into it and found the registration records according to which Brian's dad, Christopher Laundrie has two watercrafts registered in his name in the state of Florida. Apparently, the Twitter user called the North Port police and they confirmed that they too were interested in the mystery of the solo kayak.




'Kayaks are most likely stacked on top of each other'


While some people were convinced that only one kayak was seen on Laundrie's property, others were of the opinion that the two kayaks were stacked on top of each other. "Kayaks are most likely stacked on top of each other," one of them said, while another commented, "Someone showed pic in another post of when the FBI swarmed the house this was there in the same spot so I think there is only one." A third noted, "I’m sure they had two… one for the parents and one for gabby and Brian….plus there’s room for another kayak there…..possible." The next remarked, "If the kayak interest is an actual key to finding him - fbi and LE what have you been doing?????? #brianlaundrie." One more stated, "Do you have any idea why the police/FBI are interested in this kayak now when presumably they would have seen it when searching the home? #brianlaundrie." Another added, "The beginning of the video showed that the Laundrie’s own a kayak and that it was hanging out in their back yard. That could be what Brian is island hopping with."







Did Brian Laundrie kayak down the Myakka River?

Some people also took to Google maps to trace possible water routes that could have been taken by Brian from his home if he were to travel via a kayak. "This might sound, but if you look on Google Earth/Maps & follow this narrow body of water very close to the Laundrie residence, it eventually leads to the Myakka River, which then feeds into the Gasparilla Sound- Charlotte, and so on. Are the Laundries missing a kayak, too?" one of them pointed out, posting screenshots of Google maps. 

Another wondered how the authorities missed the crucial detail when they have been investigating Gabby Petito's death for weeks and visited Laundrie's family home a number of times. "How many times have the sheriff's department and the FBI been to these people's house and did searches and all this stuff and they just now want to know about a kayak in the backyard. Seems like to me they're not doing a very good search when they go there," the user noted.