Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie's body language and demeanor compared to Chris Watts

Several netizens find Brian Laundrie’s calm and composed demeanor about the missing Gabby Petito similar to Chris Watts

                            Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie's body language and demeanor compared to Chris Watts
People have compared Brian Laundrie to Chris Watts (Instagram/ @bizarre_design_ and Getty Images/ RJ Sangosti)

Netizens are comparing Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie to Chris Watts, who murdered his 15 weeks pregnant wife Shanann and their two daughters in 2018. The 22-year-old Petito was on a cross-country trip with Brian when she went missing. The pair started off their trip in July, but on September 1, the 23-year-old man returned alone to his Florida home in the couple's van.

Ten days after Brian returned, Gabby’s family reported her missing at Suffolk County on September 11. They filed the missing report after their daughter failed to show up or contact them. Gabby reportedly last spoke with her mother on August 25. Her last known location has been traced to Wyoming. Authorities on the same day took possession of the van from Brian’s place that the couple were traveling in before Petito went missing. But they were unable to talk to Brian because he had already hired an attorney and refused to speak to the police. More recently, he has been named a "person of interest" in the case.


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Christopher Watts is in court for his arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse on August 21, 2018 in Greeley, Colorado. Watts faces nine charges, including several counts of first-degree murder of his wife and his two young daughters (Photo by RJ Sangosti - Pool/Getty Images)


Though Brian has not been interviewed by police, several people have said that his calm demeanor is quite similar to Watts. According to reports, when the 36-year-old was interrogated by police after he killed his family, he seemed composed and controlled. Even in a disturbing prison letter, the family annihilator chillingly wrote, “August 13th, morning of, I went to the girls' room first, before Shanann and I had our argument. I went to Bella's room, then Cece's room and used a pillow from their bed (to kill them). That's why the cause of death was smothering. After I left Cece's room, then I climbed back in bed with Shanann and our argument ensued.”

He added: “After Shanann had passed, Bella and Cece woke back up. I'm not sure how they woke back up, but they did. Bella's eyes were bruised and both girls looked like they had been through trauma. That made the act that much worse knowing I went to their rooms first and knowing I still took their lives at the location of the batteries.” Twitter was filled with posts that claimed Brian has “similar vibes of Chris Watts”. A user tweeted, “Brian Laundrie gives me so many similar vibes of Chris Watts…. Seems very meek, quiet and nervous, but something isn’t adding up. Anyone else agree??  #GabbyPetito #GabbyPetitoMissing #FindGabby.” The second one asked, “Brian Laundrie is giving me Chris Watts vibes. How is he ‘person of interest’ and not a ‘suspect’?” “BRIAN LAUNDRIE IS GIVING ME CHRIS WATTS VIBES. THAT MAN IS TOO CASUAL ABOUT NOT SAYING A DAMN WORD ABT WHERE GABBY IS AT,” the third user added.







A person wrote while referring to the August 12 incident that happened in Utah between Gabby and Brian, “I watched the bodycam tapes of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. He was very upbeat & engaging & making friends with the police during a stressful situation. She was weeping and having a normal person reaction to an upsetting situation. He is basically Chris Watts. Not good.” “I Honestly think Brian’s laundrie is on the run and the police aren’t doing anything about it. It’s really annoying this is going to be a ob going case like Chris watts murders!!” another one added.



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