Brian Jeffrey Raymond: Ex embassy staffer who allegedly went on raping spree 'lured' woman from US to Mexico

Raymond allegedly drugged and sexually abused 23 women over 10 years. In new details, the FBI said he lured one of his victims from the US to Mexico on a date that the victim has no recollection of

                            Brian Jeffrey Raymond: Ex embassy staffer who allegedly went on raping spree 'lured' woman from US to Mexico

There has been a new development in the Brian Jeffrey Raymond case. The US Embassy staffer, who was accused of sexually assaulting and drugging 23 women over the past 10 years had reportedly lured one of his victims to Mexico from the United States for a night which the woman has barely any recollection of. This update comes from an FBI affidavit that was unsealed in federal court.

Raymond now faces two additional counts of sexual abuse charges, according to a report by The Daily Beast. Raymond was a government employee working at the US Embassy in Mexico and had allegedly gone on a raping spree while being on the federal payroll. The site also added that he was initially charged with one count of coercion and enticement.

He was arrested last year in October after he quit his job abruptly. Although his details on the Internet are minimal, prosecutors said he was capable of speaking Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Reports also noted that prosecutors said Raymond's victims met mainly through dating apps. Investigators reportedly uncovered photos and video footage of unconscious women on his bed. The new developments that have emerged were from the FBI's investigation of his electronic devices. The victim named "Adult Victim 2" was convinced by the Embassy staffer to visit him in Mexico and soon after their first date, she blacked out, according to the FBI affidavit.

The duo met for the first time in February 2018 after starting off communication in late 2017. The victim told the investigators she blacked out and didn't recall much from the night. According to court records, Raymond had suggested that Halloween was the perfect time to visit his new apartment and they could also check out the neighborhood and the restaurants.

Although the Halloween trip didn't pan out, she visited him in November and while she remembered the lunch, there was no recollection of the evening. 
This isn't the only incident. The Daily Beast also noted Raymond's other similar attempts. Of the 77 disturbing content of images and videos that the FBI unearthed, one of them was of a nude woman who was unconscious and the clip saw a hand, believed to be Raymond's seen pulling down her underwear, pulling up the bra as well as opening her eyelids. The report also added the woman was unaware of the photos and videos being taken and filmed. 

There was more. A victim identified as "Adult Victim 7" also had very little memory of her encounter with Raymond. The prosecutors noted that she was unaware that her sexual assault was captured. Another victim said she did agree to have sex with him but only remembers kissing and puking at some stage. The serial rapist came under police attention when a naked and reportedly intoxicated woman was seen screaming from his apartment balcony.

Traces of “injuries consistent with vaginal and anal penetration" was observed and like the other cases, the victim had vague recollections. He was detained by the Mexican police and returned to the States the following day after claiming diplomatic immunity, said the report.

The FBI acquired access to his personal and work accessories that had photographic evidence which he tried to erase. US Magistrate judge Linda Lopez denied Raymond bail and handed him over to US Marshals Service. The FBI believes there are more victims.

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