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#BrendonUrieIsOverParty trends after fans rake up singer's old scandals including racist and homophobic rants

The hashtag picked up steam after a user posted a thread documenting the singer's problematic comments over the years
Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco (Getty Images)
Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco (Getty Images)

'Panic! at the Disco' singer Brendon Urie has come under fire for his history of problematic comments and jokes, including racist rants and comments about sexually assaulting minors, among many others.

One Twitter user has compiled evidence of his behavior in a thread. The user begins by stating, "Actually im just gonna make a thread of sh*t brendon urie has done for the next time i have to argue with one of his stans," before launching into the stream of receipts documenting all the allegations being made against him.

The first is his 2018 "I wish i was black" speech where he recites a bit by comedian Chris D'Elia.  In another tweet, the user points to Urie "telling the crowd at his concert full of what he knows is minors that he will "f*ck them whether they want him to or not'" with a video of the incident linked.

Other tweets include Urie "slut-shaming women," "fetishizing bisexuality" and slamming homosexuality in his songs and performances, "fat shaming" an unidentified woman and his manager, engaging in transphobia and ableism, and allegedly admitting to repeatedly sexually assaulting former P!ATD member Ryan Ross.

Urie has apologized for some of these missteps, however, some have been overlooked by the singer entirely. He has also made fun of people being offended by what he sees as nothing more than jokes.

Panic at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross (L) and frontman Brendon Urie perform during the Ambassadors of Rock Tour at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino October 9, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

Other users and former fans also jumped in with their own callouts of the singer. One user shares another instance of Urie's insensitivity regarding racial issues, stating "Same article he came out as pansexual, he compared kaepernik kneeling to rosanne barr’s tweets."

The user who posted the thread also makes it clear that they were once a fan of the singer, tweeting "Before one of his stans thinks i've always hated him, i haven't. i used to love him actually, and p!atd was my first (& as the moment, only) concert. i stopped stanning him when i found out about him sexually assaulting ryan," and adding, "[most of the stuff on this] thread i only found out about today. i don't believe in cancel culture most of the time but it's clear he hasn't changed, because he hasn't apologized for most of this, much less stopped thinking this behavior is okay."

Many fans did come to Urie's defense once the thread began to make its rounds. One fan tweeted, "Yeah lets cancel brendon urie for jokes he made when he was a teenager, jokes he made that were just the jokes you made at the time, and also things he's taken back. Celebrities aren't perfect f*cking angels. When will y'all learn."

Others, however, were happy the singer was getting dragged on Twitter. One user tweeted, "Brendon urie is actually a sh*thead can we make this an actual thing??," while another stated, "Ppl acting like we didn’t already know brendon urie was an *sshole lmao. the community knows and that’s why nobody likes him." Others were surprised it took so long for this to come to light, asking "Y’all are JUST NOW canceling him??"

Another user tweeted, "Anyone who isn’t the age of 14 knows this man used bisexuality for that mv, has done many r@cist things without apologizing, has made r@pe jokes and so much more," adding, "...his stans mainly, they hide up all the sh*t he’s done and it’s sick."

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco performs onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

Some fans expressed disbelief at the singer's past behavior, with one stating, "I’m honestly really disappointed," and another tweeted, "I'm .... speechless."

One dejected fan shared, "f*ck... I never knew about this stuff... all these things brendon urie did... my heart is f*cking broken right now... I’ve been a huge fan since I was 12 and his music was such a comfort to me but I really can’t support his ignorance anymore, he needs to get with the times..." before adding, "I’ve been to two of his concerts and I even recorded the entire concert to rewatch... he’s an incredible vocalist and I looked up to him so much... why are white men so f*cking disappointing. brb deleting his music off of my phone... I’m actually gonna cry..."

Some users didn't care for the callout, however, tweeting "Y’all are so f*cking bored in quarantine. And like i get it but also for the love of god find something better to do with your time."

Others, however, were angry for a totally different reason - K-Pop. It turns out K-Pop stans flooded the #BrendonUrieIsOverParty hashtag with fancams of their favorite performances, making it difficult for those late to the party to find the original thread and its accusations. One user stated, "Literally every other f*cking day, this stupid hashtag is always trending with a different damn celebrity, so damn annoying and all that's in the tag is stupid kpop fancams lmao," while a fan tweeted, "Kpop stans got the tag cancelling brendon urie trending just to promote their dumb *ss fancams i wiLL THROW HANDS. that man is a sweet heart."

Another user joked, "Whenever theres a ‘is-over-party’ hashtag, there’s more people complaining about fancams than there is actual fancams with the hashtag."