Sadistic breeder arrested for 'debarking' dogs by repeatedly shoving pipe-like object down their throats

Ten puppies and five adult dogs were rescued by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after they received a tip about the crime

                            Sadistic breeder arrested for 'debarking' dogs by repeatedly shoving pipe-like object down their throats
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Fifteen dogs were allegedly rescued from an unlicensed Pennsylvania breeder who was accused of “debarking” some of them by shoving a pipe-like object down their throats. Among the dogs that were rescued, ten were puppies and five were adult dogs. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued the dogs from the Lancaster County breeder.

The incident came to light after the organization received a tip about an adult female Siberian Husky allegedly being debarked. Upon reaching the place, the officers realized that there were others dogs who were debarked. The organization noted that "Pennsylvania prohibits devocalization, also known as debarking, of any dog for any reason unless the procedure is performed by a licensed veterinarian using anesthesia."

As reported by People, the breeder allegedly debarked the dogs by pushing a pipe-like object down their throats multiple times to damage the vocal cords. In addition to the Siberian Husky, authorities also removed three adult Doberman Pinschers, one adult pregnant German Shepard, and 10 puppies including Doberman Pinschers and Siberian Huskies. “The manner in which these dogs were devocalized is concerning on many levels, not the least of which is that it is illegal,” said Nicole Wilson, PSPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement. 

Nicole further continued, "These animals were debarked because it was a nuisance, and the inhumane manner in which the act was carried out can carry a felony charge. We will continue our investigation and press charges to the fullest extent allowed by the law in an effort to ensure this never happens again.”

The Lancaster District Attorney’s Office is working on the case to determine charges against the breeder, who has not been identified. People were quick to comment their hatred over people who harmed these animals. "This is horrible! I have had 2 huskies and I cannot imagine taking their voices away," read one comment. Another added, "Those responsible deserve death via the same manner for their choices, actions. Past time we call our species of the scum who prey on the innocent, helpless no matter people, animal."

Another comment read, "Sick....these breeders need to be monitored...and when they are abusing and caring for the dogs...they need to be arrested an fined severely. They need the same for boarding facilities and so-called pet hotels." Another chimed in by writing, " I think the same should be done to these sick ignorant people..." However, there were many people who were interested in providing these animals with a nice and safe home. 

Many commented that they would be willing to welcome the dog if it is put up for adoption. Since 1867, the Pennsylvania SPCA, a non-profit organization has been dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and rescuing animals from abuse and neglect. Their lifesaving programs for animals include a low-cost veterinary clinic, low-cost spay and neuter services, and pet adoption facilities.