Bredan Harvey: Video footage shows crowd tackle man who tried to rape woman at Miami WALMART

Bredan Harvey: Video footage shows crowd tackle man who tried to rape woman at Miami WALMART
Video footage shows Bredan Harvey,28 was apprehend by other shoppers when he attempted to rape a lady inside a Walmart store. (Photo by @ONLYinDADE)

A dramatic video captured the moment Walmart customers in Miami jumped in to apprehend a man who reportedly attempted to rape a woman by lifting her dress and ripping off her panties. According to Miami Herald, the terrifying event occurred at 9.30 pm on Sunday, March 20, inside a Miami-Dade store on Northwest 79th Street, where the guy approached the victim from behind. After shoving the victim to the floor, the culprit, identified as Bredan Harvey, 28, of Miami Gardens, pulled up her dress, grabbed her private parts, and took off her underwear, according to police.

However, as the woman began shouting, several people came to her aid. One person named Osvaldo C dragged the alleged rapist away from the victim and kept him down until officers arrived. Harvey was charged with sexual battery and brought to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. “It wasn’t somewhere isolated," Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said, "he didn’t care it was in the wide open." Investigators believe he may have done this before, and there may be more victims, he added, citing his boldness.


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Social media was quick to react to this shocking incident. One person wondered, “my goodness! what is happening to man nowadays?” “Not just Miami- this happens in New York subways every day with people standing around not helping! Thank you gentleman for stopping this and saving this woman. Shame on the rest of you for filming! Put the damn phones down and help!” another person added. One person felt relieved by seeing several people come to the woman’s rescue and wrote, “In the middle of a store with people around?!?! Thank God those men jumped in. Used to people standing around and recording or turning the other cheek because it’s not their business. Damn now women gotta be scared to be in a store ?!?!” 



According to Miami Herald, Walmart issued a statement thanking the Good Samaritans who intervened to prevent the attack. The statement says, "the safety of our associates and customers is among our top priorities. We’re very disturbed to see something like this in our store and are grateful to those who intervened to stop the alleged attack and detain this man until police arrived. All other questions should be sent to local law enforcement." Meanwhile, anyone with information is asked to contact the Sex Crimes Investigation Unit at 305-715-3300.






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