Breakdancing to debut as Olympic sport at Paris 2024 games, Internet says 'why not add ballroom dancing'

Apart from breakdancing, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will make their debut in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

                            Breakdancing to debut as Olympic sport at Paris 2024 games, Internet says 'why not add ballroom dancing'
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The Paris Olympics set to be held in 2024 has added Breakdancing as part of its roster. The decision was confirmed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday as it said the goal was to attract a younger audience and pique their interest in the world-famous competition. Apart from breakdancing, the other newly added sports include skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing, which will make their debut in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Breakdancing will be officially termed "Breaking" in the competition according to Sky Sports, the idea was pitched a couple of years ago after trials at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina was seen to be a success among fans. The Youth games saw the contestants face each other in one-on-one dance face-offs with Russian participant Sergei Chernyshev taking the gold. Japan's Ramu Kawai took the honors in the women's category. 

In 2024, the dance-offs will take place at a downtown venue in the French capital, alongside sport climbing and 3x3 basketball, the site added. It also said that a 2019 Olympic program report estimated one million people to take part in breakdancing. The internet has mixed opinions and has leaned more towards the negative.

"So squash played by millions and requiring high levels of fitness and skill can't get in but breakdancing can. Who decides this and can we get THEM drug tested?" asked one of the fans. "This is surely a joke?? What's next... Tiddlywinks Showjumping, Wellington Boot throwing, Pin the tail on the donkey. The world has gone bonkers, Pierre du Coubertin would be spinning in his grave!!" seconded another. Some felt this would ruin the legacy of the tournament. "I've heard some crazy stories before but this wins hands down , this is not a sport !!! Why not add ballroom dancing and body popping while you're at it just making a mockery and ruining the Olympic legacy." Baseball fans expressing their disappointment weren't far behind. "the Olympics decided breakdancing would be a better fit instead of baseball..." read one of the tweets.







There were a few who looked forward to Breaking in the Olympics. "About time you have it in the Olympics breakdancing should’ve been there," a fan remarked. "Breakdancing finna become an Olympic sport. Tell your little badass brother to keep dancing in the living room, he going places," wrote another. "Breakdancing added to the Olympics from 2024. This is the day we’ve been fighting for and sad that we’ve lost people along the way who won’t get to know this feeling! I’m gonna win gold for you Little Saint!" read a tweet.





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