Brazil's biggest beauty pageant Miss Bumbum is now a worldwide competition

Brazil's biggest beauty pageant Miss Bumbum is now a worldwide competition
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It looks like women all over the world will now be able to compete to be crowned Miss Bumbum after Brazil's biggest beauty pageant decided to launch an international version of the contest. Miss Bumbum will elect the "best booty on the planet" at a star-studded event which will take place in Miami in March next year. 

The competition's organizers said that they decided to make the competition global after receiving many requests from women with beautiful booties from all around the world asking to participate in the famous contest which is now in its eighth year in Brazil. Miss Bumbum World will carry the same set of rules and regulations as the Brazil competition and prohibits entry to women who have undergone surgery to enlarge or enhance their derriere. 

Registrations for the global competition will start on the July 1. Unlike the Brazil contest which bans bottoms which are bigger than 107cm (42in) in diameter, there will be no limit on the bum size for the participants who make it to the Miss Bumbum World competition.

For the global competition, one contestant from each country will be chosen and there will also be no limit on the number of nations represented.

In the live final which will be held in Miami next year, each contestant will be marked by a panel of judges after they shake their stuff in what is called a "free performance" wearing an outfit inspired by their national dress, the organizers announced. The competition's creator Cacau Oliver released several photographs that were sent to him by would-be Miss Bumbums. He also took to criticizing a recent decision that was made by Miss America to ban the swimwear portion from its pageant and said that the traditional beauty contests had become "outdated". 

"Every year we receive emails and messages from women from all around the world. We have run some competitions outside of Brazil, and this year both Japan and Poland will have versions of the contest," he added. 

"Because of the number of women expressing their interest in taking part, we decided to create Miss Bumbum World, which is a global version of the Brazilian competition. I think we’ll get thousands of entrants. Anyone can take part, but we would prefer that each nation elects their own representative who will fight to prove that their country has the best bottom in the world," he continued. 


Post his promoting the Miss Bumbum brand, Cacau became the star of a new reality show and shared, "As people lose interest in other beauty pageants because they just show stereotypes, Miss Bumbum continues to fascinate people around the world. Banning bikinis from their catwalks shows just how outdated Miss America and other beauty contests have become."

"We’re the evolution of other beauty pageants because we accept women as they really are, in all their shapes and sizes, and we’re not afraid to celebrate the natural, curvy beauty of the female body. Now, with Miss Bumbum World, women who think they have the sexiest bottom in the world can take part, no matter where they live," he went on to add. 

This year's Miss Bumbum Brazil is already well on its way with around 27 contestants representing each state in Brazil. The show is already campaigning for votes which will result in 15 lucky contestants being sent to the show's live final which will take place in Sao Paulo in the month of November. The pageant's theme this year is "diversity" and the contestants include two transgender women, a plus-size model, a military policewoman, a nurse, and even a politician. 


The winner of the competition will go on to represent Brazil at the Miss Bumbum World final. The finale includes a catwalk and photo shoots where the winner is eventually crowned. Last year, Miss Bumbum winner was Rosie Oliveira from Amazonas. Rosie is a model and a reporter and really shocked the panel of judges by holding a flag of the homeland with a strong message against the current president of Brazil. The 28-year-old was a favorite throughout the pageant and was crowned as the champion in November 2017. 

There were many notable contestants last year including 24-year-old Gilliane Bonheur who made headlines after vowing to remove her silicone bum implants so she doesn’t have an "unfair advantage" in the competition. Another contestant Rangel Carlos revealed she’s in a polyamorous relationship with both a man and a woman - and the three are raising a child together. Jeni Summers, a Playboy model, made history as the first American to compete in the world-famous Miss Bumbum competition this year.


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