'Southern Charm': Was Austen right in accusing Madison of infecting him with Covid-19? Fans call him 'gaslighter'

'He is a coward and a gaslighter who blames others,' a fan commented

                            'Southern Charm': Was Austen right in accusing Madison of infecting him with Covid-19? Fans call him 'gaslighter'
Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy (Bravo)

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have not been in a good space lately. Previously, when they were meeting up with their families they couldn't stop talking about how they have not been on the same page lately.

While Austen called out his sister for supporting Madison. She said that Madison has priorities, hinting that he must learn to respect them else she'll leave soon. Meanwhile, Madison thought that even though they love each other, there were a few things holding them back. Her mother readily agreed and said that she was independent and could do so much more without him in the scene.

The episode ended with Austen and Madison fighting over him testing positive for Covid-19. We are yet to witness the after-effects of the bitter argument where Austen blamed Madison for infecting him with the virus, said that she had been to salon without a mask.  

In this week's episode, we see the rest of the cast grill Austen about what went wrong between them. "It's not good," he said. Even though the couple is still together, this fight could be the start of one of their phases where they pretend like they've broken up. 

Meanwhile, fans are divided over the blame game and cannot seem to decide who is at fault here: Madison for not being cautious enough and going out with John Pringle just days after Austen tests positive or Austen for blaming her for giving him Covid-19? 

"How can Madison be mad at the guy positive with covid, when she’s hanging out with the guy who goes out and parties all the time?" a fan questioned, while Tom Ward, podcast host, tweeted: "These fools on #SouthernCharm have me going bonkers. Madison’s boyfriend tests positive for COVID and then she’s out with some dude a week later, in public, with no mask on! Wtf." "Austen is such a POS! He tests positive for Covid after going out every night and then blames Madison because she WORKS with restrictions and protective gear! He is a coward and a gaslighter who blames others. Sorry excuse even for a man child #SouthernCharm," a viewer expressed.





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