'Love Match Atlanta': Who is Shae Primus? Atlanta matchmaker always keeps it real

'Love Match Atlanta': Who is Shae Primus? Atlanta matchmaker always keeps it real
'Love Match Atlanta' features expert matchmaker Shae Primus (Bravo)

In Atlanta, there's going to be a lot of love and drama. 'Love Match Atlanta,' a new Bravo series, delves into the world of Atlanta matchmakers. Ming Clark, Joseph Dixon, Kelli Fisher, Tana Gilmore, and Shae Primus - five of Atlanta's finest matchmakers, will capture their work and personal life as they help the city's high-profile bachelors find love.

If you think seeking that special someone is difficult for singles, wait till you see the rivalry among these matchmakers, who will have to go to extremes to get clients. The business of love can be highly competitive, with matchmaking services likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Lets us know more about Shae Primus the CEO of the Middle-Class Matchmaker 


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Who is Shae Primus?

Shae Primus is the CEO of the Middle-Class Matchmaker. Shae, a recognized matchmaker who connects single, middle-class professionals searching for love, has her customers visit with a skilled psychologist to evaluate whether they're mentally ready for love and healthy enough to be a match for discerning clientele. Shae always keeps it real, no matter how much everyone else wishes for a fairytale. This mother of two, who recently became single, is just as eager to find love for herself as she is for many others. Shae specializes in helping professional people of color in being love-ready.


Why did Shae seek this field of Matchmaking?

Shae said in one of the interviews that she was driven to pursue Matchmaking & Dating Coaching because she has so many successful, gorgeous, intellectual, high-quality friends who are single. She wants to help them in their search for love.

Shae Primus Suggestions for  Black Women

In one of her interviews, Shae says she believes Black women should stop rejecting bisexual guys from their dating prospects. One of the most difficult tasks she has is persuading Black women to leave their comfort zones and broaden their dating horizons. Primus startled her coworkers when she suggested that women give bisexual guys a chance during a conversation on her company's message board. Most of these women had gone through bisexual stages, but realized that the lifestyle was not for them, according to Primus. Despite this, women want a man to overlook it and marry them. There is a double standard when it comes to males who have had same-sex relationships, and women are less tolerant. As a result, some males are compelled to lie or stop dating women altogether. Being a bisexual male is another red flag for a woman looking for a partner.


Shae words of wisdom to individuals pursuing the same field

She said in one of her interviews that anyone interested in her industry, particularly her demographic, should get to know their audience. Her success is because she spends time dealing with singles, despite having graduated from the Matchmaking Institute and Relationship Coach Institute. Knowing what's out there and what they're going through. Shae is an expert in finding love for Black professional singles. She added, "To be successful, you must be ready to live this life."


Catch Shae on 'Love Match Atlanta' will premiere on Sunday, May 8 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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