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'You lost your f**k buddy': 'Below Deck' Season 10 fans ask Ben to stop crying over 'toxic' Camille

Captain Sandy fired Camille Lamb, and Ben Willoughby was the only one who appeared to be unhappy about it
UPDATED JAN 24, 2023
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb (Bravo)
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb (Bravo)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: 'Below Deck' Season 10 seems to be creating a lot of drama. We recently saw Camille Lamb being laid off by Captain Sandy with the vote of all the crew members. However, the only person who seemed to not be happy with Camille going was Ben Willoughby.

Throughout the episode, we saw Ben crying like a baby. And, because of the same, we saw him wearing sunglasses. Well, he was consoled by each of the cast members for missing Camille so much. As soon as Camille left the deck, we saw Ben texting her that he has already started missing her a lot. Well, Ben does have a chance to focus on his relationship with Camille once he gets out of the deck. His work for the day got hampered because him being taken aback by his emotions. Ross McHarg made fun of Ben claiming how much he has been affected by a two-three week-long relationship. Fans on the internet slammed Ben for acting as if he lost the love of his life. Slamming their relationship, a few fans called out for them having nothing but only a sexual relationship between them.


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A fan took to Twitter to comment, "Ben's penis is the only sad one." Another slammed the star for crying after Camille's exit, "Just go Camille! Oh take Ben with you, will you?" "Omg Ben, please stop acting like you’ve lost the love of your life. You lost your hump bunny," tweeted a fan seeing Ben act as if he has lost someone who he has known for many years. A fan joked about Camille and Ben's relationship saying, "Camille's the first person I've opened up to" - yeah Ben, same with Camille with you on this boat over Tony's bunk every night. That's why you're crying Ben, cuz you lost your f**k buddy."





Furthermore, a viewer tweeted, "What or who has Ben dated in the past that he would cry over a girl you hardly know...who has a personality of she is toxic my dude." Another claimed, "Ben is going to be a problem." A fan joked, "So we agree Ben was a virgin and hence the tears.." "Ben is just mad that there will be no more squeaky-squeaky-squeaky at night with white trash Camille," explained a fan the reason for Ben missing Camille.





Will Ben be able to cope on the show without Camille? Let us further wait to see whether that happens. 'Below Deck' Season 10 airs every Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo, with new episodes airing the following day on Peacock.

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