Caitlyn Jenner's son Brandon says he saw his father only 6 times after marriage to Kris Kardashian

Brandon Jenner reveals he saw his father Caitlyn Jenner rarely after his marriage to Kris and any exchanges after that between them felt like staged photo opportunities

                            Caitlyn Jenner's son Brandon says he saw his father only 6 times after marriage to Kris Kardashian
Brandon Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner (Getty Images)

Brandon Jenner reflected on his complicated relationship with his distant father Caitlyn Jenner, who divorced his mother Linda Thompson in 1986. 

The 38-year-old musician got candid on his relationship with Caitlyn in his new book titled 'To Me, He Was Just Dad'. In the book, he writes, "I didn't see my father more than half a dozen times between the ages eight and 25," Page Six reports. 

He also shared that when Caitlyn married Kris Jenner in 1991, the relationship between Linda and his father totally changed. In the book, he added how the "infrequent exchanges felt more like staged photo opportunities than real bonding. In fact, they were stage photo ops for 'family' Christmas cards."

"After Dad met and married Kris [Kardashian in 1991], family became a business for [her], and I stayed away for most of my teenage years.   I didn't want to be a part of their dynamic. I know now, though, that Dad was pretty unhappy in that house and felt like [she] wasn't treated well," he continued. 

Brandon also remembered how Caitlyn had forced him to pay for half of his $250 bicycle at age eight. Caitlyn had made Brandon promise that " I’d pay him back for it." 

In 2015, Caitlyn announced her gender affirmation and the pair's relationship was transformed. "Not only because I think she would have been happier but because I think we could have built a stronger relationship earlier," Brandon shared. 

Brandon Jenner opened up on his relationship with his father Caitlyn Jenner in his new book (Getty Images) 

The book was published on March 31 and also includes 40 first-person essays from children of famous fathers. 

Brandon’s half-siblings include Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Caitlyn’s daughters with ex-wife Kris. He and his younger brother Brody Jenner have appeared on the family’s E! reality show, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', alongside their half-siblings Rob, Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Kris’ kids with late ex-husband Robert Kardashian Sr.

Brandon was brought up by his stepfather, mega-producer David Foster, whom Linda married after divorcing Caitlyn (Foster and Thompson divorced in 2005). In fact, before KUWTK, he, Brody, Linda and Foster starred alongside Spencer Pratt on the short-lived Fox reality series 'The Princes of Malibu'.

Brandon, however, knows a thing or two about growing up in the public eye and the challenges that come with it. The excerpts from his new book prove to be just a glimpse at that. 

Just last month, Brandon surprised his Instagram fans and followers when he shared a video of workout tips to deal with self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic. In the video, the 38-year-old was in the buff, shocking his social media audience. 

He had captioned the video, "Hey, it’s Brandon, on a rainy day in Malibu. I’ve never done a workout tip video. But I wanted to show you a couple of really cool things I’ve learned about pullups." In the video, he strategically only showed off his abs. 

In January, Brandon announced that he had tied the knot with Cayley Stoker only a day after they announced their engagement. "You are smart, kind, funny, driven, caring and super pregnant at the moment with our twin babies!! I will forever cherish what we have together and am so looking forward to celebrating every one of your birthdays with you from here on out," he had written.

"Eva, Onyx and I are so unbelievably lucky to have you in our lives. 🍀 Thank you a trillion times over for loving me the way you do," he continued. 

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