Brandi Glanville responds to backlash after posting a nude photo of her "sexy mom" moment

Brandi Glanville had compared herself to Kourtney Kardashian in the image and was hoping the comments would assauge her doubts about her desireability

                            Brandi Glanville responds to backlash after posting a nude photo of her "sexy mom" moment
Brandi Glanville (Source:Getty Images)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Brandi Glanville recently received backlash after she posted a nude picture on her Twitter account. However, Brandi has come forward and addressed the negative comments which surrounded the picture. The picture that was shared by the reality star showed Brandi sitting on the edge of a bed, with her underwear pulled a bit down her legs.

She then went on to compare herself to Kourtney Kardashian as she wrote, " Having a Kourtney Kardashian sexy mom moment. I named my son Mason first jk [heart emoji] mad love." Even though she looked incredible in it, people could not stop themselves from commenting how the picture was not appropriate. Brandi soon deleted the picture but that did not stop the haters from commenting. 

After much wait, she finally decided to address the matter. "Sooo this happened last night :/ I guess it’s #1 because it’s still an epidemic anyway they are just boobs ugh live and learn #drinking and tweeting," she wrote. In a second tweet, Brandi admitted that there are times when she doubts herself. 


She has come out and defended her picture (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

"I was having a mom of two and not bad for 45 moments after a crappy date sometimes we all question whether we're still desirable or not," the second tweet read. As soon as Brandi posted this, some of her fans came in defense of her and advised the reality star to ignore the rude comments. 

"Girl people need to get over themselves. Like you said, they are just boobs and nice ones too," one comment read. While another wrote, "Do not feel ashamed, you’re beautiful and the photo wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. My gay ass was proud of you." Another wrote about how she should do what she thinks is right as the comment read, "Yeah woke up at 4am opened twitter and bam! The perkiest 45 year old taataas ever. Live and learn life goes on. Wouldn't. Beat myself up over it."

This is not the first time that Brandi has posted photos such as the one she did recently or even compared herself to the Kardashians, for that matter. Back in 2016, feeling inspired by one of the naked pictures of Kim, Brandi posted her version of the same on her Instagram.