Brad Pitt tries to maintain relationship with kids amid divorce with Angelina Jolie

After being allowed by the court to visit five of his children, Pitt has been trying to spend as much time as he could with his children.

                            Brad Pitt tries to maintain relationship with kids amid divorce with Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Source:Getty Images)

Amid their acrimonious divorce proceedings, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are treading a fine balance when it comes to co-parenting their children. According to reports, even though Pitt is spending a substantial aount of time -- sometime up to 10 hours a day -- with the kids, the ex power couple hardly interact with each other during the visists  Their six children are mostly escorted to their father by nannies and assistants. 

Brad has been provided with a schedule for his visits to his children by the court, and the judge of the case has already ruled out Jolie's restriction on Brad's visits to the children since the court deeed such behavior may be "harmful" to the children.

Jolie filed a case against Brad on Tuesday, claiming that he has not been paying the full amount of child support. Brad retaliated claiming that he has paid over $1.3 million to the actress and their children, and a loan of $8 million to help her purchase her current home. According to the actress’ lawyer, Samantha Bley DeJean, Brad's claim is just an attempt to "distract from the fact". 

Brad Pitt has been allowed to pay a visit to only five of his six children. (Getty Images)


Bley also said regarding the child support, "Following the incident of September 2016, Angelina and the children needed to move from the family home, which Brad chose to keep, including all of its contents." However, Brad has proven that he isn't stepping back easily. While fighting back the allegations of him being "manipulative", he exclaimed that Jolie was simply trying to win in the breakup. As mentioned in a brief filed to the Superior Court of the State of California, Brad's lawyer called Jolie's complain as "unnecessary" and "a thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage.”

The couple had reportedly reached a summer custody agreement which allows Brad to see just the five of their children in an hour. Their eldest kid, the 17-year-old Maddox, had been given to the freedom to choose if he would like to spend time with either parent. 

Brad and Angelina never meet during the visits. (Getty Images)