Boyfriend who stabbed Morgan Freeman's granddaughter to death found not guilty of murder

Boyfriend who stabbed Morgan Freeman's granddaughter to death found not guilty of murder
E'Dena Hines and Morgan Freeman (Source: Getty Images)

Lamar Davenport, who killed Morgan Freeman's granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, has been found not guilty of murder but convicted of manslaughter, according to a  report in the Daily Mail. Lamar was charged with second-degree murder in the fatal attack on Hines, who was his girlfriend at that time. 

The incident, which dates back to 2015, saw Lamar stabbing Hines 25 times in front of multiple eyewitnesses. However, things took a different turn in the case when the defense argued that Lamar was in a drug-induced psychosis during the brutal slaying. The court then found Lamar not guilty and instead he was charged with manslaughter. 

Actor Morgan Freeman and step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

One of the men who had been present during the incident came to the trial to testify and recalls Lamar saying "I love you. I always loved you. God would have wanted this" to Hines before killing her. The tabloid reports that after Lamar was arrested he was taken to the hospital and was later given sedatives to wake him up. Upon waking, Lamar reportedly screamed, "Why did this happen? No, no! Why God?" At the same time, he also asked the officers who had been present at that time, if they believed in Jesus and then urged them to repent their sins.

Prior to the murder, Hines and Lamar had been living together in a $780,000 apartment which was being paid for by Morgan Freeman. According to the witnesses, the pair was not in a healthy relationship and while Lamar maintained a relationship with Hines, witnesses claim he also fathered children with other women. Meanwhile, he also struggled with drug addictions. 

This comes after Lamar's lawyer had made a shocking revelation in the court about the relationship shared between Morgan and his granddaughter. As reported by New York Post, Morgan and Hines were reportedly involved in a sexual relationship. “E’Dena Hines disclosed to Lamar Davenport and others that her grandfather engaged in a sexually inappropriate relationship with her,” Davenport’s lawyer, Beth Unger, claimed in court.


According to Davenport's therapist, Hines and Lamar often argued about infidelity and both of them accused each other of being unfaithful in the relationship. “Lamar admitted to me that they had a violent relationship,” said Dr Jeremy Colley. “[Their] disagreements could be emotionally intense.”

Hines is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Morgan adopted Dena's mother Deena Adair when he married Jeanette. In his affidavit, Morgan mentions how he and Deena acted as surrogate parents for Hines after her parents divorced when she was just three years old.

"Throughout E’Dena’s entire lifetime, my daughter Deena Adair and I were the primary sources of support for E’Dena financially, emotionally, mentally and physically,' he wrote. At the time of Hines's death, Morgan had said, "The world will never know her artistry in talent. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. May she rest in peace."


Hines and Morgan were quite close as the pair was often seen together at premieres. Just like Morgan himself, Hines was also interested in acting. According to the tabloid, Hines was an actor and writer living in New York City. She also studied in New York University's Graduate Acting Program. Soon after the news about her death came to light, the University announced that a scholarship would be declared in her name.

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