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Man who killed girlfriend, wore her teeth as a necklace complains about having to eat with other murderers

Dean Lowe was sentenced to 28 years in prison for killing his girlfriend Kirby Noden, 32, while at their home in January 2017
(Devon and Cornwall Police)
(Devon and Cornwall Police)

A sick and evil boyfriend who beat his loving partner to death and used her teeth to make a necklace has complained about having to stand "with mass murderers waiting to collect my meal."

33-year-old Dean Lowe violently killed his girlfriend Kirby Noden, 32, while at their home in Marazion, Cornwall in January 2017. In 2018, Lowe was sentenced to 28 years in prison for the rage-filled and horrific murder. 

The now 35-year-old has written some strange poems while behind bars where he complains about the prisoners he has been locked up with. The killer also believes that the "world is against him" in a bizarre rant that was published in the newspaper Inside Time, the Sun reports. 

Lowe is currently being held in HMP Long Lartin in Worcester from where he wrote, "They say I’m a killer….give them one day in my shoes, they couldn’t cope. They couldn’t understand the way I feel...Standing with mass murderers waiting to collect my meal."

"They want me to be good and change my way….How can I, around these people, and the games they play? It’s like the world of against me and nothing feels real." His strange poem has been titled 'Caged In A Box'. 

During his trial, a jury was told how he had told the victims' relatives that he had "chopped [her] up and put [her] down the toilet." Kirby's body has never been found, an Exter Crown court heard. It took around four months to figure out that something had happened to the victim.

Lowe had been living with his murdered girlfriend with their flat being covered in her blood. The murder was not discovered until he sent messages to his family saying he had found a body in their flat which he had cut up and put down the toilet. 

Post his bizarre confession, his family contacted the authorities who then questioned Lowe. Lowe then admitted to killing her. 

While sentencing Lowe, Justice May said that his defense had been filled with "utterly cruel lies." "This was a pitiless attack on someone who had done nothing but love you devotedly. In this bleak and desolate manner was Kirby's life ended and her remains obliterated," BBC reports.

"No one there to mourn or say goodbye. Not only have you denied her and her family of her life, you have also taken from them the dignity of commemorating her death," May added. May was also told how the victim would refer to Lowe as the "love of her life."

The victim would do all the household chores while Lowe was very inactive. "You sat in your basement flat watching TV and taking, on your own account, whatever drugs you could get. On the occasions when you could not afford any more drugs you would bloodlet, sometimes as much as two pints, for the head rush," May shared. 

After he was sentenced, Kirby's mother Anita had said, "As far as I’m concerned he should have swung from the end of a rope, but then that would be too easy, not like how he made it for our girl. I hate him with a passion. We’re all absolutely devastated. She was so loved by her family and her friends," Anita added.