L'Oreal draws flak for ties with Amber Heard after abuse allegations as #BoycottLoreal trends: 'Fire her now'

Social media users are very disappointed with L'Oreal's choice of a spokeswoman and are slamming the brand for the same

                            L'Oreal draws flak for ties with Amber Heard after abuse allegations as #BoycottLoreal trends: 'Fire her now'
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Twitter users are not on board with Amber Heard being the spokeswoman of L'Oreal in light of the recent abuse allegations made against her. 

Recently, audiotapes emerged revealing that Heard allegedly admitting to physically assaulting her former husband, Johnny Depp. Many fans are urging the beauty and cosmetics giant 'L'Oreal' to remove Heard from their ad campaign and as their spokeswoman. 

A few social media users also shared that as long as Heard represents the brand, they will be boycotting using the products.

"You have Amber Heard, an ADMITTED Domestic Abuser / Liar, as your Ambassador! As long as she represents your Brand I'll NEVER purchase a L'Oreal product or item from ANY Brands your Company owns - until you FIRE Amber Heard!" wrote a fan. 

An angry user shared, "Your Company is DISGUSTING for having an ADMITTED Domestic Abuser / Liar represent your Brand. l'll NEVER buy another L'Oreal product, or buy items from ANY Brand your Company owns, until you FIRE Amber Heard!"

Another user added, "You hurt your company and other owned brands because of your silence. This isn’t going away. #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #loreal #boycottloreal."

One user tagged 'L'Oreal' along with other companies associated with Heard and said, "your precious abuser @realamberheard is about to go down. You should fire her now while you still have a slight window of opportunity #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #boycottloreal #FireAmberHeard #RECASTMERA."

The audiotapes that were obtained by Daily Mail seemed to suggest that Heard was not the victim of domestic violence as she had been alleging for years and looked more like the perpetrator instead.

In the audiotapes, the 'Aquaman' actress is heard daring her ex-husband to "tell the world" that he was a victim of physical assault "and see how many people believe you".

We had previously reported that the phone conversation in question was recorded by the 56-year-old Depp after the 33-year-old Heard filed for divorce and applied for a restraining order against the "abusive" 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star.

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