#BoycottGoya: CEO of Hispanic food giant praises Trump, Angry Internet calls it a ‘racist trash company’

#BoycottGoya: CEO of Hispanic food giant praises Trump, Angry Internet calls it a ‘racist trash company’
Goya Foods (Getty Images)

The megabrand Goya has come under fire after the CEO of the Hispanic food giant praised Donald Trump during his White House speech. On witnessing Robert Unanue support the president, disappointed internet users took to Twitter to blast him for calling Trump “an incredible builder”. 

In the video from the White House that’s enraged people, Unanue states, “We are all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder and that’s what my grandfather did. He came to this country to build, to grow, and to prosper. We have an incredible builder and we pray for our leadership, our President, and we pray for our country that we’ll continue to prosper and to grow.”

Internet users were quick to appear on Twitter to call out Goya’s CEO for aligning with Trump. They started trending #BoycootGoya, demanding the cancelation of the brand. One agitated user wrote, “[email protected] I used a lot of your products. Not any more.You made a choice. You chose evil, hatred, bigotry, immorality, and lies. Kindly go phqyrslf. Adios, Goya Foods. #BoycottGoyaFood #BoycottGoya."

“@GoyaFoods Trump has been a course for Latinos since his electoral campaign. Your CEO’s statement is a misrepresentation and betrayal of we, the people who made you the multimillion dollar company you are: #BoycottGoya” added another. Another disappointed user noted, “True. 4th generation #BoycottGoya  supporter. Let’s just keep putting pressure on our friends and family not to support #BoycottGoya. The Hispanic dollar will not support this racist trash company over time.”

Some have noted that Goya deserves to be canceled unless the CEO himself issues an apology statement for his display of leaning towards Trump. “I BELIEVE THAT GOYA SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM YOUR SHOPPING LIST UNTIL THEIR DOUCHE-BAG CEO APOLOGIZES AND RETRACTS HIS STUPID, REPUGNANT AND OBSEQUIOUS LINE OF THINKING!!! #boycottgoya” tweeted one. 


At the same time, many on Twitter started circulating recipes for Adobo, in order to substitute it with Goya’s products. While one wrote, “I always chose @GoyaFoods for all I cook. So disappointed and sad at what I heard today. I’m in mourning but hey @BadiaSpices  are good and hopefully ethical. #boycottgoya”.

“Hispanic/Latino community are also victims of constant racism and are our sisters/ brothers in the #BLM.  I will stand with them to #BoycottGoya.  Please everyone start listing other replacement brands that do not support this racist monster in office. #Goyaway” added another. 


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