VIDEO: Boy punches barber after misunderstanding leaves him with an embarrassing haircut

The incident was captured inside Ali's Supercuts located in Doncaster, UK and it showed the boy trying to punch a barber which ended up missing the man's face by a hair's breadth

                            VIDEO: Boy punches barber after misunderstanding leaves him with an embarrassing haircut
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Who would want to go to a hairdresser and come out with a haircut shrieking nightmares? If in case, the hairdresser goofs up, not only do you have to walk around the neighborhood, school, college, wearing hats or wigs (if it reaches the worst case scenario), you'll have to wait for ages for the hair to grow back. A visit to the salon, for some, can be a traumatic experience, as in the case of this boy. He wasn't happy with what was done to his hair.

A video surfaced on social media that showed the exact plight of a young boy who went to a hairdresser on a normal day and was left feeling devastated by the bad haircut he received. The shocking part of this video was when the crying lad actually swung a punch at the barber who cut his hair while screaming and calling him a "f****** daft c***" because he was that mad.

The Sun reported that the boy was so upset by his haircut that he decided to handle the situation himself. The moment was captured by a fellow customer inside Ali's Supercuts located in Doncaster, UK.

The furious child could be heard shouting "you taking the p***?" at the barber who cut his hair. He then asked the man to "come outside" as he stormed off in a huff. He was quite livid with his shaved head. 

Ali's Supercuts, the hairdressers, said that the boy, as well as his mother, came back a little while later and apologized for the child's overreacted outburst. The barber, however, kept insisting that the child had been given the exact same haircut that he had allegedly asked for.

34-year-old David Smithson, a warehouse operative who was the one who filmed the whole incident, said: "He asked for a 1.5 on top but meant to say a 1.5 back and sides, so he left the hairdressers with a big stripe in the middle of his head. He came back about half an hour later with his hand over the top of his head demanding it gets sorted. He also brought his mum back with him. I was a little shocked by how he reacted. My ten year old said at the end of the video for him to stop raging. Everyone found it quite funny when he came back in holding his head like he’d been injured."

One of the barbers from Ali's Supercuts said: "After it happened he came back in with his mum and apologized. He asked for a cut, and we gave him what he asked for. I can’t help if it’s shorter than what he expected. It’s hair anyway. It grows back."

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