'I Miss You': B.O.Y return with melancholic song for the fall season, fans say 'you did well'

After disbandments and disappointments, the duo has risen to the challenge and delivered a stunning follow-up EP

                            'I Miss You': B.O.Y return with melancholic song for the fall season, fans say 'you did well'
B.O.Y (Music Works)

South Korean boy band B.O.Y return with their second EP 'Phase Two: We' and its title track 'I Miss You'. The release is a follow-up to their debut EP, 'Phase One: You' which released in January this year and included a track self-composed by the members titled 'Starlight'.

B.O.Y is a duo comprised of Kim Kook-heon and Song Yuvin that debuted under The Music Works label following the disbandment of Myteen, the duo's former group. The duo was formerly known simply as 'Kim Koo-heon x Song Yuvin' until they were redubbed by netizens, their new name was chosen to reflect their combined talents. B.O.Y, therefore, stands for 'Best of You' as well as 'Both of You. Myteen remained active from 2017 to 2019, while Kookheon participated in the survival show 'Mix Nine', making his way to the finals. In 2019, the duo competed on the show 'Produce X 101, and though neither eventually made it into the X1 project group, Music Works eventually announced the launching of a duet project featuring both singers.

B.O.Y in a still from 'I Miss You' (Music Works)

The latter half of 2019 saw the duo make their official debut, with Myteen's disbandment being finalized in August and B.O.Y becoming an established independent act at the same time. The duo held their first fan meeting titled 'The Present' shortly after, before holding their first concert titled 'Dear, You' in December which doubled as a showcase for their debut EP. 'Phase One: You' dropped alongside double title tracks 'My Angel' and 'Clockwise', and the release was noteworthy for both its composition and songwriting, on which both members actively participated, as well as Kookheon and Yuvin's vocals, dancing, and stage presence. The track 'Lighthouse' additionally earned praise owing to it being a special song the duo penned for their fans. The release marked a fresh start for both members, who traversed the ups and downs of idol life before making their official debut on solid ground. And they now return with the equally remarkable 'Phase Two: We'.

Title track 'I Miss You' is a soft, romantic number that allows both Kookheon and Yuvin to each shine, both vocally as well as with their dancing. Their fans who have waited so long for their return couldn't help but feel emotional while watching the video, with one commenting "FINALLY," and another stating, "U DID WELL." Other fans were evidently overwhelmed by the release, with one tweet reading, "I lost all my s***."




The suo's patience and hard work has clearly paid off, at least as far as their fans are concerned. One tweet read, "SO SO SOSOS GORGEOUS I CANNOT COMPREHEND," another said, "It's so pretty," and one fan stated, "It's so perfect."




The music video for 'I Miss You' features a color palette perfectly suited to the Korean fall season, and the song's vibes and thematic elements all reflect a hazy fall day. Check out the stunning video for B.O.Y's comeback track below.


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