'Botched': Top 10 makeovers sees woman get a new septum after damaging it while playing with her dog

'Botched': Top 10 makeovers sees woman get a new septum after damaging it while playing with her dog
Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow (E!)

This week's episode of 'Botched' was interesting with it counting down to the top makeovers Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow have done to date. It wasn't surprising to see so people come in with implant issues and shoddy nose jobs, which they fixed remarkably. 

A lady lost her septum completely while playing with her dog, who jumped on her and one of his teeth went piercing through the cartilage. She went to a surgeon, who operated on her and that resulted in the septum almost disappearing.

It was devastating for her because she would often get stares from people and it would be hard for her to tackle all the criticism that came her way. 

However, the master surgeons at 'Botched' examined her and passed her case on to a prosthetics specialist who created a silicone implant that helped the lady get her septum back.

She was overly emotional and so were the doctors, who clearly hadn't seen anything like it until the day they met with a skin cancer survivor who had opted for a homeopathic treatment to fix her skin.

Unfortunately, the medicines worked against her. She had applied it in patches — on her nose and forehead — and left it overnight for it to work on the skin. But, the next day it had turned black and as the day progressed, it sort of melted the tip of her nose. 

When she visited a surgeon, they gave her a bulbous nose, which of course wasn't in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of her face. The doctors looked into the matter and were able to fix it and give her nose a respectable shape. 

Another case, which was the most remarkable one and also completely changed the individual's life, was the one where the lady had lost all her fat tissue from the face owing to disease and left with only skin on a skeleton. She was treated with fillers that immediately filled her face up, restoring it completely. 

Of the top 10 makeovers done in Season 6, the boob job and tummy tuck were two of the difficult ones. In the boob job, the lady had to duck tape her real boob to keep it up with the silicone implant.


Post-surgery, her implants stayed high up, while her real boobs hung low. However, they were lifted in a way that it looked all at the same place and quite gathered. 

The tummy tuck was obviously a challenge because the man in question naturally lost weight by going to the gym and following a diet. However, he had to go for a tummy tuck to get rid of all the loose skin that was leftover after the fat left his body.

Unfortunately, the procedure left him with two major bulges on either side of the waist, which forced him to wear shapewear. The doctors worked on it and were able to give the man a physique he wanted — bulge-free. 

'Botched' aired on E! on Monday, January 27, night.


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