Season finale of 'Botched' features a transgender who wants to fix his dented chest

A transgender couple approached the surgeons to fix a dented chest and remove the jealousy factor from their relationship

                            Season finale of 'Botched' features a transgender who wants to fix his dented chest

Cosmetic surgeries can be frightening and when the result isn't what you expect, then you're "Botched". Undoing the damage of plastic surgeries, this week in the season finale, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif meet a new transgender patient, Luke.

He approached the doctors seeking help to fix his disastrous work done to his chest. The doctors aren't always able to help but Luke really hopes that his dented chest gets fixed because the stakes are high. Luke also admitted his motivation for this surgery is partly because he is jealous of his boyfriend, who is also a transgender. 

In the two-minute clip released by E! we see Luke and his boyfriend in conversation with the doctors, basically answering their queries. It is revealed that they have been dating for seven years and Luke started transitioning five years ago. Interestingly, even his boyfriend was born genetically a female and transitioned seven years ago. When the doctors ask what he thought about Luke's transformation, he says he has no problems since he underwent the same process.

Both the doctors are taken aback and Dr. Terry Dubrow asks if they started dating as girls. Luke explains that they started dating after he came out to him seven years ago when he was still identifying himself as a female. "It's confusing, I know," laughs Luke, but Dr Dubrow says "No, it's interesting."

Luke tells the camera; "Being a transgender today is easier than it's ever been but it's still more difficult than you can ever understand." He goes on to say how the support of his partner means a lot to him.

Luke started taking hormones five years ago and after a year his body had changed, but he knew it wasn't enough and decided to undergo surgery. He started with his chest and his original breast size was a "big A," he tells the doctors. "If I get approved to get this surgery it will improve my relationship with Evan. He's my boyfriend and I love him," Luke says. "I try really hard not to be jealous of his results but I think with my chest hopefully that jealousy factor can be taken out, he concludes."

A side history of Luke suggests that he had several failed top surgeries that left him with a sunken left side and an over-inflated right side. Every surgery he underwent was worse than the previous. Plastic surgeon, Dr Dubrow followed through with his promise as he performed an areola reduction, removed excess skin, sewed fatty breast tissue under the indented nipple and performed liposuction on both sides.

Luke was eventually able to walk away with the pecs he had struggled so long to get hold of.