'Botched': Brittanya tries to transform her '100% not natural watermelon booty' to a 'peach beauty'

'Botched': Brittanya tries to transform her '100% not natural watermelon booty' to a 'peach beauty'
Brittanya O’Campo (E!)

Brittanya O'Campo made a name for herself once she appeared on 'Charmed School'. Now, she is back for another show but this time, it is not for her acting. Brittanya revealed that she has changed a lot from the time when she first starred in shows. She confessed that she has had several breast and butt jobs to make herself happy with the way she looked. 

Brittanya confessed that her butt and breasts were '100% not natural' and one thing that she wanted to change was to turn her watermelon booty into a peach beauty. Brittanya revealed that the first time she got the butt implants, the experience wasn't pleasant as she had trouble pooping. However, once she recovered, she knew that she had to get them bigger. She also had a sudden interest in getting her breasts bigger. 

Brittanya revealed that she got her breasts done but she was still not satisfied with how her butt looked. She thought it would be better if they looked bigger and would allow her to twerk properly. She confessed that she wanted her butt to be bigger to impress her 16.1M Instagram followers. 

This is why she decided to go to Mexico to get her implants done. She recalls she saw a woman with big breasts and butt and that made her realize that it was the figure she craved for. Once she reached Mexico to get the surgery done, the language barrier created problems for her to communicate what she wanted. 

Even though she showed them an image of how she wanted her butt to look, she wasn't expecting things to turn bad in terms of the material they use for the implants. Instead of using implants, Brittanya was given hydrogel to fill her butt. While they satisfied her in the beginning, she realized that her butt was slowly losing its color and becoming bigger and harder. 

She further realized that she could not twerk anymore and this worried her as she thought that this could be the reason she was losing her followers. Brittanya finally decided to meet Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif to get help as she revealed that twerking is her life. After seeing her implants, Dr Dubrow said that there might be a risk that they will be taking as the hydrogel could pose a problem. 

Brittanya thought it would be best not do anything that would put her life at risk. While it may not have been the answer that she was looking for, she was happy to have her life. 

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