'Botched': Dr Terry Dubrow reverses unfixable post-cancer bulge, cop goes back to regular routine

'Botched': Dr Terry Dubrow reverses unfixable post-cancer bulge, cop goes back to regular routine
Dr Terry Dubrow (E!)

This week 'Botched' will have Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif try and fix unfixable plastic surgery jobs.

Policeman Wesley had a kidney taken out after he had to undergo surgery for cancer. Later, he developed a bulge on his left and had to visit a plastic surgeon to get it fixed. Unfortunately for him, things went south quickly after another surgery that was done to fix it but all it did was aggravated the bulge.

The doctors at 'Botched' were surprised to learn that any board-certified surgeon would do that to a patient. "The fact that a board-certified plastic surgeon put on two layers of mesh and immediately, Wesley's bulge was worse…just underscores the idea that this is an incredibly difficult and potentially unfixable problem," Dr Terry said in his green-room interview.

However, upon examining him they found out that the bulge is a difficult problem to fix. They explained it to him in clear terms that there would be risks involved, but Wesley and his wife, Amanda, went for it because it was coming in the way of him leading a normal life. 

A cop's job is tough. It requires one to be fit and constantly on the move with an added weight of 55 pounds courtesy gun belt and a bulletproof vest. But, Wesley wasn't able to do any of it despite regular training because he had lost core strength and was having difficulty in movement. He had to wear a bandage, like shapewear of sorts to fit into his uniform. 

However, Dr Dubrow was able to remove the excess layers and add a biologically-approved mesh during a complicated surgery, which has helped in successfully removing the extra bulge. Weeks later, we are shown Wesley going on a patrol and jokingly takes Dr Nassif under arrest while Dr Dubrow cheers on. 

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