'Botched': Woman who was unhappy with 'flat' backside left with deformed butt after implant flips inside her

Jabrena decided to visit the 'Botched' doctors hoping that they would be able to fix her flipping butt implants that are a cause for concern.

                            'Botched': Woman who was unhappy with 'flat' backside left with deformed butt after implant flips inside her
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Jabrena decided to meet Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow regarding her butt implants. Jabrena had always been conscious about her butt as she thought she was completely flat and according to her, it wasn't flattering. 

She also thought that since she was thin, the look did not suit her. Jabrena wanted to work on the thing that made her conscious and this led her to look into the options of getting butt implants. Jabrena had two options in her hand. She could either go on with the procedure of getting an implant or she goes do a butt lift by transferring some of the fat in her body to her butt. 

Unfortunately, Jabrena did not have enough fat in her body that could be transferred to her butt and this led her to decide on getting implants. While the surgery went well and she was happy with the results, things took a different turn as after a week of getting the implants she realized that the implants on her left butt were flipping. 

When she approached Terry and Paul for help, the two got down to thinking how they could solve the situation. Jabrena revealed that if she tried jumping, the butt implants would flip and one could see the outline of the implants. She told them that she was fine with the idea of getting the implants removed but added that she still wanted her butt to not be flat. 

Terry then decided to examine the implants before making any decision. After careful examination, he found that one of the options to get a good shape for the butt would be to remove the implants and opt for a butt lift.

This would be done by fat flab transfer and would allow Jabrena to get a butt that she would be happy with. Terry further added that he would look for fat tissue to help make the process smoother. During the surgery, Terry found himself in a difficult situation as the butt implant of 600 CC and 500 CC of fluid made it hard for him to fill the loose skin. 

Fortunately, Terry found his way around with the butt lift and used some of the tissues in Jabrena's body to create an illusion of butt implants. But the aftereffects of the surgery was hard for Jabrena to manage. She experienced fever, nausea and nearly fainted.

But eventually, everything worked out with Jabrena loving the result of the surgery. At the same time, Terry was also happy with the results. 

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