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'Botched': A cheap boob job nearly sends Parisa to her death bed, can Dr Paul and Dr Terry help her?

Parsia decided to go abroad to get her breast implants removed but things do not go the way she planned as they land her in the emergency room
Parisa (E!)
Parisa (E!)

Parisa, a former dancer, was all set to say goodbye to her implants, but things did not go the way she had planned. Parisa got her first breast implants in Los Angeles and they were a breast augmentation with 600 cc implants. While she was happy with them, once she retired from dancing, Parisa knew it was time to get them reduced. 

Instead of going to a surgeon in the same country, Parisa decided to visit a surgeon abroad.  "I decided to go to the Dominican Republic because it was pretty cheap," she said. However, once she arrived at the scene, there were too many red flags that one would think would be hard to ignore. Despite this, she decided to continue the procedure. 

"When I first arrived, we were waiting to have the consultation on the same day of the surgery," Parisa recalled. "There were about 15 girls who were getting surgeries that day…by one surgeon."

Hearing this, Dr Terry Dubrow was shocked and was quick to respond that it was not a good idea to go to that doctor. "You rarely do more than three to four surgeries in a day," he said. "Anything more than that, you're gonna cut corners and the patients are gonna suffer." Parisa's worst fears came to life when she realized that after the surgery, there was pus coming out of her incision. "I went to the emergency room and I was crying," she recalled.

"The doctor came in and he said, 'You need to take this out now. If the infection goes into your bloodstream, you're dead'." While it was shocking news for Parisa, Dr Paul Nassif was happy that the doctor informed her how things would go bad. Hearing that was what pushed Parisa into getting the surgery done. 

"You can get surgical post-operative infections even when you do everything right," Dr. Terry told the camera. "But the fact that Parisa was in a foreign country, and they don't necessarily have the same surgical standards that we have in this country regarding surgical technique, post-operative care, or even the way the tools are sterilized, you just don't know really what caused it."

Parisa revealed that at the end of the day, she just wants two even breasts and does not want to go back to how she was before. "It boils down to what are the risks of putting an implant in that breast," Dr Terry informed her. After taking Parisa for a consultation, Dr Terry decided to perform a surgery. Dr Terry revealed that he would remove the breast implants on the right breast and put a new one for them to be in good shape. The same procedure would be followed for the left breast. Parisa agreed and was happy to go under the knife with the hope that she would finally have breasts that would be even.

While the surgery was successful, Dr Terry informed her that one of the reasons for Parisa to face issues with her implants was that the doctor had inserted a larger implant and tried to squeeze it to fit. Parisa broke down crying as she did not expect things to be so bad. Fortunately for her, Dr Terry fixed it. 

After looking at her new implants, Parsia was happy and admitted that she would focus on enjoying her life and not looking back at what had happened. 'Botched' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on E!