'Born This Way': Emmy-winning Down syndrome docuseries will return for Season 4

'Born This Way': Emmy-winning Down syndrome docuseries will return for Season 4
The cast of "Born This Way" (Source : Getty Images)

The Emmy-winning docuseries 'Born This Way' will return for its fourth season on August 15 and will air two episodes back-to-back each week. The four-week event will chronicle the group’s journey as they prepare for the wedding of Cristina and Angel. A&E Network’s critically-acclaimed series is an intimate look at a diverse group of young men and women with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and lifelong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships, and work, all while defying society’s expectations.

The series also features the parents, allowing them to talk about the joy their sons or daughters brings to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible. 

In the new season, you will see the group pushing their boundaries even further and asserting the independence they have cultivated over the past three seasons. Cristina and Angel struggle to agree on the details for their upcoming wedding as their parents grow nervous about what this next step will mean for their future.

"Rachel and Megan look to take their own leap and move into their own place together without their parents. John and Steven work towards getting their driver’s licenses while Elena embarks on a new serious relationship. Sean also has a new girlfriend and a growing business that is taking up more of his time," states A&E.

'Born This Way' won the 2016 Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series and was recognized as one of six honorees at the 2016 Television Academy Honors. The series was again nominated for an Emmy in 2017 and won the 2018 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Unstructured Reality Series.

Following the season finale of 'Born This Way' on September 5, A&E will premiere the new documentary special 'Deaf Out Loud' at 10 pm ET/PT, executive produced by Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin, which follows three predominantly deaf families as they raise their children in a hearing world.

"With many differing opinions about how deaf children should be raised swirling in the social consciousness, these families work to forge their own paths forward and combat the daily social stigmas many deaf people face," A&E shares.


'Born This Way' returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, August 15 at 8pm ET/PT.

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