Bored father-of-two raped unconscious woman inside Alaska police station for adventure

Bored father-of-two raped unconscious woman inside Alaska police station for adventure

A 25-year-old father was arrested after he was caught raping an unconscious woman in a police station in Alaska, according to authorities. The entire incident was reportedly caught on a surveillance camera. 

Devan Thomas Gage was arrested at the Fairbanks Police Department station on Monday and told officers he thought it would be "adventurous" to rape an unconscious woman. The City of Fairbanks said Gage was charged with three counts of sexual assault in the second degree.

Officers were reportedly alerted by an emergency dispatcher after security cameras caught the assault in the station vestibule at around 4:30 a.m., the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported. An officer pulled Gage off the incapacitated woman who then woke up and was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. The victim has not been identified.

According to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday, the father-of-two told the officers that he acted "really just out of boredom" and said it was a mistake. The surveillance video showed Gage and the woman entering the vestibule at 4 a.m. The woman then fell asleep on a bench before Gage got up and forced himself on her as she laid there unconscious.

The complaint said Gage pulled the woman's pants down to her ankles and had sex with her while she was unconscious. He also attempted to put his privates in her mouth while she was passed out.

The complaint added that the woman fell to the floor after an officer pulled Gage off her and slowly regained consciousness. She reportedly appeared confused and became emotional after realizing what had happened.

Gage said he was sober and had been with the woman all night. Police, however, found an empty bottle of Monarch vodka in his pocket. A breath test showed that the woman registered 0.3 percent alcohol and Gage registered 0 percent.


The City of Fairbanks, in a release, said: "Sexual assault is a serious problem throughout Alaska, and the City of Fairbanks administration and the Fairbanks Police Department take all cases of sexual assault very seriously."

"While in this case officers were able to stop the sexual assault from continuing and arrest the perpetrator, it is very disturbing that it occurred at all. A victim advocate was arranged to provide further assistance to the victim," the statement added. 

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 Bored father raped unconscious woman inside Alaska police station adventurous Fairbanks Devan Gage