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'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm': What's Mike Pence doing in the film? Here's why Sacha Baron Cohen pretended to be Trump

Pence talks about 'only 15 Americans' being tested positive for the virus and how they are all at 'low risk'. He concludes his speech by saying 'we are ready for anything'
UPDATED OCT 22, 2020
(Amazon Studios)
(Amazon Studios)

Spoilers for ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'

Sacha Baro Cohen-Maria Bakalova starrer ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' is abuzz in the entertainment realm for multiple reasons. While the actor’s fan eagerly waited to reunite with their favorite Kazakhstani news reporter, Cohen surprised them by offering way more than one could imagine. The movie, besides taking a dig at several American politicians, has also featured them throughout the movie. Vice President Mike Pence is one of the many prominent personalities who appear in the film, adding an extra zing to the story.

After losing Johnny the Monkey, who also happens to be Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture, Borat finds himself in a rather life-threatening situation. The monkey was supposed to serve as a gift to Pence, which in return would help Kazakhstan rebuild itself, by earning the trust of the US President Donald Trump. When Borat realizes Johnny’s loss would lead to his execution, he comes with a plan, which requires him to gift his daughter Tutar to the “vice pu*** grabber”.

Much to Borat’s surprise, this also happens to be Tutar's only dream, to be owned by a man who can provide her a life like that of the First Lady Melania. The father-daughter soon gets to work and do everything in their power to make Tutar presentable and groomed well-enough to be accepted by the vice president as a gift. 

Borat manages to disguise himself as Trump and sneaks into the Conservative Political Action Conference, which actually took place in February. The mockumentary film has captured clips from CPAC which sees Pence as one of the speakers.

The vice president takes to the stage in the presence of a huge crowd to address the novel coronavirus, which had just surfaced in the US at the time. In this scene, Pence talks about “only 15 Americans” being tested positive for the virus and how they are all at “low risk”. He concludes his speech by saying “we are ready for anything”. 

The scene next shifts to Borat disguised as Trump in a fat suit, carrying Tutar on his shoulders, while calling for the vice president aloud to present him with his much-treasured gift. However, Pence pays no heed to the mishap caused by a random stranger, and Borat gets kicked out of the conference by the securities. 

Perhaps, only Cohen could do what he does, secretly film the vice president during a live conference for a movie and yet get away with it. 

‘‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' will be available for streaming starting October 23 on Amazon Prime Video.