Did 'Borat's daughter' Maria Bakalova enter White House without Covid test? Here's why 'Trump's checking CCTV'

'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' actress Bakalova who plays the role of Tutar Sagdiyev in the mockumentary has not taken any Covid-19 test before entering the WH, a clip shows

                            Did 'Borat's daughter' Maria Bakalova enter White House without Covid test? Here's why 'Trump's checking CCTV'
Borat's daughter Tutar Sagdiyev with Borat, Trump (Twitter/Getty Images)

Actress Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s daughter in the Borat mockumentary called 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' was seen visiting the White House and being near to President Donald J Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. The actress who is disguised as two different unknown characters for her film entered the Oval Office, toured the press areas and grounds north of the White House. The purpose of why the actress was there inside the White House is not clear. However, reports show it was for a promo of her new Borat film aka 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'. 

The news of her visit comes to light through a clip that was posted on October 23. It was posted from the Twitter handle of Borat, the character of the comedy mockumentary. The clip is captioned as, “Trump very careful who he let into his events and house. No Covid test necessary - High 5!”. The clip and caption indicate that the Borat film actress who plays the role of Tutar Sagdiyev in the mockumentary has purportedly not taken any Covid-19 test before entering the White House. Further, the clip raises questions about Donald Trump’s security as per several media reports. 

As per Daily Mail, the White House visit by Bakalova is shot in a span of a few months. The first incident was when Bakalova - who at the time was brunette - was both at a Trump reception for supporters in Phoenix and shook hands with Don Jr. at the CPAC conservative conference. These two events took place in February. Later, she visited the White House with blond hair in September.


What happened when Borat’s daughter enter WH

The Borat clip identifies the White House clip as September 20 which is days before the reported Covid-19 superspreader unveiling of SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett took place. The clip starts with Borat mocking the conservative network One America News (OAN) as the “most rigorous news source in America.” It shows footage of Trump calling on OAN and its White House reporter Chanel Rion claiming to have uncovered “multiple crimes” in Ukraine committed by the Bidens. 

Borat claims in the video that far-right cable channel OAN took the actress Bakalova who is under the guise of a conservative journalist, into the White House.As the clip moves on it shows reporter Chanel Rion asking Trump several questions at a press conference. The video then shows Rion taking Bakalova, who is disguised as a blonde reporter, into the White House press briefing room and speaking to her outside the White House.

Further, when the clip moves forward, we see Bakalova now dressed in red attire and brown hairs, appearing in the audience while POTUS addresses an audience. The event also has Donald Trump Jr. and advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle present in the hall. Bakalova then meets Trump Jr. at a press line after the president’s address. She appears to say to him, “I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m very excited to meet you,” while someone films. Trump Jr. responded, “Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Good to meet you.”

Some reports say that Bakalova’s presence in the White House is reportedly because she was a purported guest of AON journalist Rion. Daily Mail reported that Rion is a controversial figure who crashed White House COVID briefings and refused to wear a mask. She had also opened a feud with the White House Correspondents Association over their attempt to curb numbers of journalists on the estate amidst the pandemic.

As soon as the news of Borat's daughter being in the White House with reportedly no Covid-19 checks dropped, the Internet poured in their reactions. A user wrote, "Why was this not included in the movie?" A user mocked the Trump regime and his security, "Prob has a bunch of similar/worse stuff that will come out in the next couple of weeks. Team Trump will be checking all CCTV footage now in a panic." Another raised some concerns, "Seriously....kinda scary for security reasons. I hope it's not normally this easy to get in." 




For the unversed “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” released on Friday, October 23 on Amazon Prime Video. As per Variety, the film has courted controversy for a compromising scene with New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. In the film, Giuliani appears to put his hands down his pants while speaking with Bakalova, dressed in her journalist disguise, in a hotel bedroom. Giuliani has since called the video a “fabrication.”

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