Bono, whose handwritten lyrics for U2 song sold for $92k at Covid-19 auction, basks in $700M net worth

The charity events, organized in UK and US, have collectively raised over $210,000

                            Bono, whose handwritten lyrics for U2 song sold for $92k at Covid-19 auction, basks in $700M net worth
Bono (Getty Images)

Irish singer and lyricist Bono has helped raise an impressive sum at a fundraiser organized by music label Island Records. The handwritten lyrics to his band U2’s hit track, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’, was bought for a whopping $92,461 at the One Love Covid-19 Relief Auction. The lyrics signed by him were sold along with an autographed copy of the 1987 album ‘The Joshua Tree’.

The charity events, organized in the UK and the US, have collectively raised $218,690, according to Irish Post. The one-hour online auction, which was hosted by Omega Auctions and presented by the actor Billie Porter, saw a total of 3,250 bids log in. The auction also saw a range of collectives, including Amy Winehouse’s stilettos and handwritten lyrics to Eurythmics by Annie Lennox. Reportedly, around 800 people registered to bid on the selected items. 

Meanwhile, Bono, whose handwritten lyrics contributed a major chunk to the funds, reportedly enjoys a net worth of $700 million as of 2020. His impressive wealth also makes him the second richest rockstar in the world. The Irish musician, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, began his career by forming the rock band, U2, with his schoolmates in 1976. Serving as the lead vocalist, he soon came to be known for his lyrics, rich in social and political themes. The band began touring in 1980 after the release of their first album ‘Boy’ and witnessed international success with their sixth album ‘The Joshua Tree’. 

He has racked a total of 22 Grammy Awards and has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Despite his impregnable stardom, Bono is famous for his philanthropic works. Since 1999 he has been actively involved in raising awareness about the AIDS pandemic in Africa and campaigns for third world debt relief. He was also one of the ‘100 Most Influential People’ of Time Magazine's 2004 issue and ‘Person of the Year’ in 2005, along with Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2005, along with his wife Ali Stewart, Bono co-founded EDUN fashion label. He’s also the managing director and a managing partner of the private equity firm Elevation Partners, which reportedly has invested in several companies.

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