'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Katie and Logan enjoy wedding day bliss while Justin worries how Bill will react

Justin is extremely worried about his Bill's, state of mind as he had already acted erratically a day before the wedding so imagine what can happen on the day of the nuptials !

                            'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Katie and Logan enjoy wedding day bliss while Justin worries how Bill will react

On Tuesday, the 'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers reveal that the day of Katie Logan's and Thorne Forrester's wedding is upon us. Bill Spencer is, of course, not happy about it as the couple ties the knot in the presence of close friends and family.

But this was bound to happen. Thorne proposed to Katie, and after she made sure that he was not just proposing to her for Will’s sake, she accepted. A week after the proposal, they decided to get hitched before the hearing so that they could go to court as a united front. They hope that the judge will see them as a stable family unit and that it will increase Katie’s chances of gaining sole custody of Will.



It has also been reported that in this special episode, Katie’s sister, Donna, and niece, Bridget will also make an appearance to support Katie on her wedding day. Even last year, the Logan sisters came to support two of Hope's nuptials. This time also it is likely that the girls will help dress Katie on her special day and shower her with love and affection.

The wedding will take place in the Forrester living room as the arrangements were done in a hurry to ensure they are a stable family by the date of the court case. Thorne had even joked that he could sew Katie’s dress himself. The wedding will sail through smoothly but Katie will remember Bill’s warning.



Justin Barber will be extremely worried about how his boss, Bill will react to the wedding. She Knows Soaps shares that he will be concerned that Bill may do something erratic on the day of his ex-wife’s new marriage. Previously, Bill had rushed to Katie’s house when Brooke told him that she would be getting married the following day. He was furious at the mother of his son because she was getting married to someone he considers to a loser. He explicitly told her that Thorne would never be Will’s father. He was Will’s dad and she couldn’t replace him. Things got so heated that Ridge had to intervene.

Given that Bill’s reaction the day before the wedding was that bad, Justin has every reason to worry about Bill’s state of mind.