'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Ridge will do anything he can to deprive Bill of his son while Brooke's guilt eats her up

'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: Ridge will do anything he can to deprive Bill of his son while Brooke's guilt eats her up

On Friday's episode of the 'Bold and the Beautiful', we will see Bill Spencer and Justin looking at all the legal angles for the upcoming court case while Ridge Forrester decides to go straight to Judge Craig McMullen. Thorne Forrester takes Katie and Carter by surprise with an announcement to win the legal battle while Brooke is petrified that someone will uncover her dirty little secret of her clandestine meetings with Bill.

Brooke feels terrible because she is not only betraying her sister but is also going behind her husband’s back by meeting up with Bill.

However, Brooke justifies sneaking around by claiming that she has Will’s best interests at heart because she firmly believed that he should not be deprived of his father. Looks like Brooke’s conscience will keep her awake as she knows that her integrity may be at stake.


As Bill and Justin continue strategizing regarding the custody battle, Justin will subpoena Wyatt to testify on behalf of Bill. They’re hoping that Wyatt will tell the judge what he wants to hear, since Bill currently has a better relationship with Wyatt than with Liam.

On the other hand, the newly engaged Thorne has plans up his sleeves to win Will's sole custody for his fiance Katie. He makes a stunning announcement to Katie and Carter to tackle the court case from another angle. Thorne believes that he and Katie might have a better shot at gaining custody of Will if they were a family. Not only will this signal that they are a stable family unit, but it will also show the judge that Will could have a male father-figure in his life forever. He is hoping that it would give them the edge to ensure that Katie gains sole custody.


Friday's episode also promises a look at another side of Ridge. It seems as if the dressmaker is not averse to meeting judges in secret, especially if the judge is presiding over Katie and Bill’s court hearing. It is highly likely that Ridge will bribe the judge for the turnout to work in his favor. Or is it possible he has other business with the lawmaker? It seems that Ridge will do whatever it takes to make sure that Bill loses custody of his son.

Joe Lando, better known as Byron Sully from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, debuts as Judge Craig McMullen.

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