Bold and the Beautiful: Katie says "yes" and Steffy interrogates vengeful Ridge

Bold and the Beautiful: Katie says "yes" and Steffy interrogates vengeful Ridge

Friday's episode of the 'Bold and the Beautiful' reveal that Thorne Forrester will propose to Katie Logan while Steffy Forrester will have questions of her own. She demands answers from her father, Ridge Forrester, about why he is really backing Thorne and Katie.

As the fans know, Ridge has been a very vocal supporter of Katie filing for sole custody of Will. In fact, on Thursday’s episode Ridge was telling Quinn and Thorne that he thinks Will would be better off without having Bill Spencer in his life.

She Knows Soaps indicate that Steffy will become suspicious of her father’s altruistic motives. Even though Ridge says that it is in Will’s best interest that Katie gains sole custody of her son, the hidden intention may be he wants Bill to suffer, after all, as Ridge never liked Bill. He has been the "other man" to Brooke, as much as Taylor has been the "other woman" to him.


Their despise for each other is very evident and more recently, he came between Steffy and Liam Spencer and cost them their marriage. On top of that, he wanted Steffy to marry him. 

So Will's custody with Katie is a payback that Ridge wants for Bill, especially counting all the wrongs that he has done to him and his family. He wants Bill to be robbed of his son and we don't know if there could be a crueler punishment. The leaks of the episode hint that Steffy will see through Ridge’s words and realize that her father actually wants Bill to pay for his sins.


As much as there's hate in the episode, there's love too - Thorne proposes to Katie. When Thorne told Katie that he loved her a few weeks ago, he also told her that life is too short to waste, and that comes after he lost the beloved people in his life including Macy, Darla, and daughter Aly.


Fans have questioned the speed at which this romance has progressed with Katie and is questioning the love they share. But looks like the designer knows what he wants, and is pursuing it aggressively. The spoilers also tease that Katie will accept his proposal. Here comes another wedding!

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 Bold and the Beautiful: Katie says "yes" and Steffy interrogates vengeful Ridge